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Synonyms for raptus

a sudden occurrence (or recurrence) of a disease

a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion

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2) A subject of recent scholarly interest, the unfinished epic De raptu on the abduction and marriage of Proserpina stands out from Claudian's corpus as an endeavor motivated largely by his literary ambition to treat an important myth that had never been told in a separate epic.
Indeed, if the erotic discourse of elegy in De raptu intrudes upon the martial discourse of the epic a la Ovid to destabilize the authority built upon the latter, it is mediated at times through the hexameter epithalamium that serves as the generic counterpart to the mediating figure of Proserpina in the narrative.
Honorius then bursts forth with a bachelor's complaint (20-22), similar to Pluto's address to Jove (De raptu 1.
Although Claudian helped establish this formula and its attendant tropes for Sidonius, Dracontius, and Ennodius, De raptu relates to the Epithalamium in a different way: the particular epithalamial narrative and stylistic features that Statius shares with Claudian (as observed by Pavlovskis 1965, 165-68 and Basson 1999, 83-84) do not include our trio of similarities, which is really a peculiarity only of Claudian's Epithalamium and De raptu.
The ambiguous presentation of the Fates' authority alerts us to the undercurrents of this intriguing moment in De raptu.
Erich Potz (1985, 23) points out that De raptu is perhaps the first poem to put Pluto in a favorable light through humanization.
In De raptu, however, Claudian does capitalize upon Pluto's blushing to undercut the masculinity of the master of Hades.
Pluto in De raptu is described as indocilis flecti and as one who, being likened to a raging wind checked by Aeolus (1.
Proemia compared Address to the Gods Invocation Request Information requested Aeneid 1 Musa memora quo numine Aeneid 6 Di pandere n/a De raptu 1 Di pandite qua lampade
this close connection between secular and spiritual values is already evident in the changing use of the term raptus, as the long quotation from Kathryn Gravdal's work above indicates.
A number of examples illustrate the travel of raptus patterns throughout time.