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Despite being known for his unusual parts, Mintz-Plasse, who also plays in rock band the Young Rapscallions, insists he himself is not that geeky, and has a love of sport.
play, the parents of these young rioting rapscallions had their own responsibilities to keep their feral offspring on a leash.
Drawing from her own decades-past experience of having worked on a small track, Gordon commandingly relays the story of a raffish band of rapscallions, dreamers and schemers all, veritable slaves to the promise of easy money; a grim and gritty story evoking as much the dissipation of a gambler's life as it does the violent vicissitudes of intimate and profligate relationships; a story weaving terrible moments, like kidnapping, murder, and rape; a story singing of a singular battle-scarred nobility; a story as darkly layered as the American dream and nightmare.
I have mentioned this because only last month I saw a programme on TV in which modern rapscallions were being prescribed sedative drugs?
Benji Webbe and his ragga-punk rapscallions opened their latest exhaustive UK tour with a sold-out show at the Academy and no-one was allowed to leave until they had sweated out at least half a stone in weight.
Like a shot to the senses, the cheeky rapscallions packed 10 invigorating songs into a half-hour set, kicking off with the superb Ratcatcher.
n Attract the right calibre of local representatives: It has long been a problem in Eastern European countries that people who run for local office tend to be scoundrels, rapscallions and ne'er-do-wells.
Melinda Long knows that children share our fascination with these rapscallions and rogues of the sea.
If you prize reading about rapscallions, also see Stuart B.
Brother Eagan's legal larceny is counterpointed ("Page Two") by the local police log of cat burglars and rapscallions who pilfer others' belongings and whose apprehensions fill the rap sheet of human desire.
Support comes from RED RABBITS, Teesside's very own version of Velvet Underground; young rapscallions THE EASTERN FRONT and Hartlepool band ARCS AND TRAUMA.
These raggedy rapscallions from Dundee came roaring out of their cubbyhole with last year's No 1 debut album Hats Off To The Buskers.
Axis 2100 Network Camera pounds 350 0870 162 0047 UNABLE to sleep or leave the house for fear of rapscallions breaching your home's defences and pillaging your tech?