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They eventually owned half of Concord Brewery and took it over in 2008, changing the name to Rapscallion -- "a unique name you don't see very often,'' Cedric Daniel said -- and moved the manufacturing operation to Holyoke.
Meanwhile the rapscallion mayor is leaching local soils with his eucalyptus paper business.
Sullivan's father is an Irishman through and through (he runs a neighborhood tavern, drinks like a sponge, and even runs numbers with rapscallion charm).
Of course, off the field, he was something of a rapscallion and there was even an incident at Parkhead during the Fergus McMann era, which led to him being told he was no longer welcome.
She decides the rapscallion Patterson children need her care, in spite of their drunken father's hold on them, and she also is intent on saving two desperate, young girls caught in a bordello madam's clutches.
And is the prodigal a rapscallion son who planned for his father's weak-kneed reception all along (pp.
Phillippe, who perfected a Scottish brogue in just three lessons for his role as a rapscallion actor in ``Park,'' posed for a photo with Rolling Stone Richards and was advised by the photographer, ``Smile, kid.
A good ol' boy who admits that he doesn't read much, a rapscallion in his youth, a failed oil man and part-owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team, he was incurious and untutored, the butt of jokes on late-night talk shows.
In another prestigious interclub win for a CYCA boat, the Farr 40 One Design, Syntegra Rapscallion, skippered by Dick Voorderhake, has won the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron's Milson Memorial Cup, sailed off Sydney Heads, for the second successive year.
On Friday night he will perform Lescaut, Manon's rapscallion brother.
Unlike the relatively harmless Peekskill (New York) stone that crash-landed on an unoccupied Chevrolet in 1992 (S&T: February 1993, page 26), this rocky rapscallion conked a car in Spain -- and injured its driver.
A rapscallion character created by the American humorist Johnson Jones Hooper (1815 - 62).
Participating breweries include: Berkshire Brewing Company, Blue Hills Brewery, Cape Ann Brewing, Harpoon Brewery, Ipswich Ale, Mayflower Brewing Company, Pretty Things Beer and Rapscallion.
And unlike that disrespectful rapscallion Matt le Blanc, I didn't even leave any skid marks.
We ordered two strong beers for Himself -- Opa Opa Red Rock Ale and Foolproof Raincloud Porter -- and two pale ales for me -- Rapscallion Honey Ale, brewed in Sturbridge, and Magic Hat #9.