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a ridge that forms a seam between two parts

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Raphe filiform, straight, external distal ends slightly dilated and proximal ends expanded.
Case 1 presented right-side unilateral variation, with a triangular anterior belly inserted in the raphe of the mylohyoid muscle.
2-5) However, distal extension through the raphe of more than 3 or 4 centimeters has been discouraged because of the risk of damaging the axillary nerve.
Virtually every brain structure receives innervation from the locus coeruleus and the raphe nuclei," said Dr Blier.
Migraine is thought to be a neurovascular disease, which is activated due to changes in the modulating nociceptive inputs from the raphe and locus coeruleus nuclei in the brainstem or a cortical spreading depression.
The trigeminocervical complex is connected to the nucleus salivatorius with the raphe nucleus, the locus coeruleus, and consequently with the hypothalamus.
Median raphe cyst (MRC) is the closest differential diagnosis of AHC.
23] Adaptations in adenylyl cyclase activities have been noted in several brain regions, including the ventral tegmental area (VTA) and nucleus accumbens (NAc) areas (which are critical for opioid drug reinforcement), and in the locus coeruleus and dorsal raphe nucleus which are critical for opioid withdrawal.
When suturing at the ventral side, the surgeon should try to match the frenulum preputii with the raphe penis.
The researchers focused on regions like the brain stem because its sub regions, such as the medullary and dorsal raphe, are implicated in thermal regulation, while forebrain regions, such as the insula, have been implicated in the personal perception of how someone feels.
17) Reduced mesolimbic dopaminergic activity as a result of inhibitory serotonergic midbrain raphe nuclei projections is 1 possible cause.
Intra oral examination revealed a large triangular shaped maxillary defect (8x6cm) on the left palate barely crossing the midpalatine raphe (Aramany class II defect) and extending up to the soft palate with missing all maxillary left side teeth except the central incisor (Fig.
Local administration of agonists in the dorsal raphe nucleus mainly produces a response similar to low-dose systemic administration, decreasing wakefulness and increasing REM sleep via disinhibition of mesopontine REM sleep-promoting neurons (Bjorvatn and Ursin, 1998).
Hot cross bun sign refers to the cruciform shaped pontine T2 hyperintensity in multiple system atrophy due to selective loss of myelinated transverse pontocerebellar fibers and neurons in the pontine raphe and sparing of the pontine tagmentum and corticospinal tracts.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 25, 2018-Children's Hospital Colorado appoints Raphe Schwartz as SVP