rape oil

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edible light yellow to brown oil from rapeseed used also as a lubricant or illuminant

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Increasing demand for rape oil for biodiesel production, especially in the first half of 2010, is expected to bring EU-27 rapeseed crushings to 22.
In the UK just eight GM ingredients are licensed for inclusion in food - three types of oilseed rape oil, three types of maize and their oils, one tomato and one type of soya.
In the 1960s the elimination of the content of erucic acid glycerides in rapeseed oil was the first step in the selection of rape plants to obtain edible rape oil.
Sir, - The hysteria which has been worked up in respect of a small quantity of genetically modified rape oil seed by irresponsible organisations such as Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace is more dangerous to the public than the alleged danger of the spread of the GEM crop by pollen.
Canola" is a term dreamed up by a Canadian marketing department to get around the difficulty of trying to sell something called rape oil.
I found out recently that oilseed rape oil is actually used in cooking oils in some countries.
This location gives ADM access to the growing domestic Indian rape oil market as well as the rape meal export market.
And, largely on the back of a strong demand for rape oil for food, the crop is already trading at prices of over pounds 300/t with bonuses worth an additional pounds 25-30/t.