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the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station

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Just about every seat in the waiting room was occupied, as a single attorney called people back one at a time to go over their rap sheets.
The algorithm assigns defendants a risk score based on data pulled from records for their current case and their rap sheet.
It is truly a pity that Bivens is "stuck" in old cold war dualities ("If it is offered to suggest America and the USSR had equally sordid rap sheets .
Whether rap sheets were available under the FOIA if they had been compiled from public records.
In a resolution penned by Associate Justice Theresa Estoesta and concurred by Fifth Division Chairman Roland Jurado and Associate Justice Alexander Gesmundo, the court granted the motion of the prosecution that asked for amendments in the graft rap sheets.
Anyway, we thought it prudent to pull the rap sheets of those responsible for ``The Dukes of Hazzard'' movie.
Parents can then go to a local police or sheriff's station and view the names, photographs and rap sheets of potentially dangerous individuals on Megan's Law computers.
Parents who look at the Web site and find sex offenders living in their community would be able to go to their local sheriff's station to get more information, including photos, rap sheets and physical descriptions of the sex offender.
We can only wonder how many other of the county's 85,000 or so employees have rap sheets that their supervisors don't know about.