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genre of African-American music of the 1980s and 1990s in which rhyming lyrics are chanted to a musical accompaniment

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Much could be said about other contributions, such as Anne-Marie Green's short, but instructive description of youth reception of rap music in France (chap.
JD signed more than 100 autographs, fronted a question and answer session about getting into the music business and talked to GCSE media studies pupils about rap music.
Much of the Black Nationalist rhetoric of rap music takes its cues from the Black Power Movement.
IN THE 20 YEARS SINCE RAP MUSIC SWAGGERED FORTH from the block parties and basement jams of the Bronx, it has made the transition from fad to cultural phenomenon.
Yawar said that he wants to bring Kashmiri songs in rap music "so that people here get motivated to start listening to this modern music".
The presence of lewd and misogynistic lyrics within Hip-Hop and rap music is but one legitimate, resounding criticism articulated by prominent cultural critics (Rose, 1994,2008) and Black males who have expressed distrust and disdain for Hip-Hop and rap music (e.
Barbara Dority, "The War on Rock and Rap Music," SEPT/OCT1990
Rhys Caldon from a broken family says good rap music is about 
a good set of lyrics coupled with a beautiful beat and melody.
Byline: After performing at Evolution Emerging, ABSORB talks to SARAH JEFFERY about rap music
Stevens, 58, was so wound up by loud rap music played "day and night" by fellow inmates he fled his jail, a court heard.
Between the early 1990s and the mid-2000s rap music and hip hop culture surged in popularity in Cuba.
For the 41-year-old Common, that underscores concerns that the edgy rap music of the generation of rappers that came behind him is not only providing the soundtrack for gangs, but might just be helping to fuel the fire of gang violence.
They started accepting rap music in a major way because the media started spreading it and showing that it's a new cool type of music.
This has pushed some musical teams to play rap music, hip-hop, pop and rock that reflects the "changes" taking place in this country since the ouster of diehard president Mubarak.
Therapeutic Uses of Rap and Hip-Hop asks readers to examine their personal and professional perceptions of rap music and hip-hop culture to consider potential benefits across diverse therapeutic settings.