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Synonyms for ranting

a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion


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Even when best friend Brown got in, Dave was still stuck in his own backyard, ranting about this and that.
In my opinion, the only other alternative to ranting and raving at your son is to take away the privileges that he enjoys every day, mobile phones, games consoles etc.
Ranting about Kaiser Chiefs during a chat with XFM DJ Dave Berry, he said: "The Monkees?
I'll certainly be ranting and raving about this tale of a rabid rogue for a long time to come.
The ranting and raging by some Americans is discouraging and does not speak well for our communities or our country.
If there's such a thing as a typical Hawkinson, Ranting Mop Head (Synthesized Voice), 1995, comes close.
It's got some well thought out treatises on the state of skating, some political rants about GW, but also some ranting about local politics that droned for a bit and didn't mean much to me.
I don't agree with Paula Adamick infuriating some Muslims by using a woman who speaks some truth but ultimately is ranting.