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Synonyms for ransack

Synonyms for ransack

to make a thorough search of

to rob of goods by force, especially in time of war

Synonyms for ransack

search thoroughly


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Our man seems to have gone for the leads; but unless he's left more marks outside than in, or we find him up there, I shall have the entire building to ransack.
MARDAN -- Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Ameer Muqam Khan has held district administration and police high-ups of Mardan responsible for the incident of ransack of Mardan grid station and suspension of electricity to a big part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
The pictures show how the gang tunnelled into the vault through concrete walls to ransack 72 security boxes over the Easter weekend.
Police also took into custody some protestors when they tried to ransack the office of the LESCO.
Chinese authorities are looking into the alleged police shooting of an ethnic Tibetan man whose death provoked angry villagers to ransack government and police buildings in northern China's Gansu Province, state media said Friday.
A THUG who threatened to gouge out a pensioner's eyes and tried to ransack his dead wife's ashes for jewellery had his "unduly lenient" sentence nearly doubled by top judges yesterday.
After looters ransack items, scientists can't verify the objects' history, says Pittman: "Without knowing where something comes from, it's just an object.
And what better in the former Grown Colony of Natal, than to ruthlessly ransack English architectural history and engage in some sly pillaging from Crystal Palace.
They, like other householders, understandably are upset when their homes are broken into by people who ransack their homes and steal from them.