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Synonyms for Ranger


Synonyms for Ranger

a member of the Texas state highway patrol

an official who is responsible for managing and protecting an area of forest

a member of a military unit trained as shock troops for hit-and-run raids

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As JNF Ranger Bob Boardwine observed, hard pine species are now fading on his New Castle District's southwestern slopes, reflecting the successful 50-year-old fire-suppression era.
There was considerable confusion since command of the Ranger force was split; there was no single commander for the force Ranger radio transmissions began to "spike," that is, to greatly exaggerate, the firepower and strength of the enemy.
Bandai America is celebrating the evergreen success of the Power Rangers brand with a new breakthrough toy line that really allows young kids to live, breathe and play like their favorite Power Rangers hero," said Matt Golding, director of marketing.
Founded in 1958, Houston-based Ranger Steel is the largest independently owned steel plate distributor in the United States.
Joel the; Green Ranger, Carter the Red Ranger, Dana the Pink Ranger and
Each ranger district can recount numerous cases of expensive maintenance and repair.
Kids Can Meet Their Favorite Superheroes in Person When the Mystic Force Power Rangers Embark on their Exclusive Nationwide "Get Powerized" Tour
Harvey, who wore a Ranger sweatshirt but no indication that he is a chaplain.
Despite having access to every national intelligence asset, Task Force Ranger detected neither the Aidid militia's ability to swiftly mass fighters on an objective, nor the threat that the militia's hoarded supplies of rocket-propelled grenades posed to the helicopters that were Task Force Ranger's center of gravity.
No improved campgrounds exist here on the El Yunque ranger district, where 150-plus inches of rain fall yearly, but you'll be immersed in a strange but intriguing jungle canopy of tabonuco, palo-colorado, and sierra palms to challenge your tree-ID abilities.
Place any of the 5" Mission Response Power Ranger figures on the sensors in the cockpit and the missile control center to activate even more sounds and phrases in the figures.
In the eighth inning, Vladimir Guerrero, who continued his torrid hitting against the Rangers by going 4 for 4 on the night, led off with a single.
AUG 2003: Champions League FC Copenhagen 1 Rangers 2
The midfielder picked up six championship medals and a sackful of honours during his action-packed Rangers career.