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My wife Jenny and M I have recently returned from a two-week small group tour of the tropical South India state of Kerala, the famous land of spices and coconut trees, and its neighbour Tamil Nadu - linked together by the forested Western Ghats range of mountains.
Also, about two hours before landing in Mandalay, Solar Impulse will have to fly over a big range of mountains up to 3,000m in height.
The Flinders Range of mountains is found in which part of Australia?
Rising to 2,382-feet (726 metres), the summit of Moel Eilio offers panoramic views of a range of mountains in the northwestern sector of the Snowdonia National Park, down the Llyn peninsula and across to Anglesey - on a clear day.
Apart from the ISIS process of exterminating any community which does not convert to its brand of political Islam, this range of mountains are key to its pursuit for the caliphate's objectives.
What distinguished Souq Al Jumaa from other bazaars is its strategic location amid a range of mountains which connect Masafi and Al Dhaid ," said Salem Rashid Al Zahmi, a shopper.
Project Description: The targeted area lies below a range of kuwirwi mountain and its adjacent range of mountains and of village forest/woodlots.
The Promethei Terra Highlands, a range of mountains with soft rounded tops, are visible on one side of the river.
The microbe was trapped in the cocoon, recovered by scientists from an exposure of rock on 10,000ft high Timber Peak in the Eisenhower Range of mountains to the east of Earth's southernmost continent, the Daily Mail reported.
In the Bible, the name Sinai refers to a specific mountain (Ps 68:8); to a range of mountains (Deut 33:2; Judg 5:5) and to a desert or wilderness (Ex 19:2).
The freedom fighters were mainly based in the forests of Mount Kenya and Nyandarua Range of mountains.
Robert Boltman, who only joined the club last year, produced a landscape shot taken in Cuemos del Paine, a range of mountains in the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.
The opposition fighters control the east of Libya, the western city of Misrata and the range of mountains near the border with Tunisia.
The rebels control the east of Libya, the western city of Misrata and the range of mountains near the border with Tunisia.
The next objective is the southern shore of Llyn yr Adar, bacKed by the Ysgafell Wen range of mountains.