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a measuring instrument (acoustic or optical or electronic) for finding the distance of an object

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The new Laser Range Finder Designator is more than two times more reliable, improves targeting performance and can be repaired or replaced on the flight line, which significantly reduces operation and support costs.
When Smith arrived at Seahouses, he discovered the battery on his range finder was dead.
A four-wheel dirt buggy retrofitted by a student team from the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory at Virginia Tech's College of Engineering in Blacksburg uses laser range finders, an instant voice command interface, and a host of other technology tools to guide blind drivers as they steer, brake, and accelerate.
Then, when I finally was able to afford a range finder (one of the dial indicator models) I began taking my range readings to other trees.
An LED range finder determines optimal scanning distance.
Sensing systems--including a laser range finder, sonar, radar and digital video--allow TerraMax to "see" in order to avoid obstacles.
On the front side, a sliding lens cover sporting the Cybershot brand name subtly etched into it, protects the lens, flash and range finder when in the closed position and even enhances the smart, minimalist design in the open position.
The Dead-Un Range Finder tram Nordco, LLC, attaches to your bowsight and works by bracketing the animal you're aiming at between two parallel lines printed on the Dead-On Range Finder.
The compact multi-sensor airborne thermal imaging system, measuring only 9" in diameter, will also contain an image-intensified CCD-TV camera and a laser range finder.
The year was 1972, and the America he discovered though the lens of his 35 mm range finder, a vast network of windswept back roads and empty downtowns, would inspire him to crisscross the country some ten more times during the decade that followed.
The high-precision binoculars with built-in laser range finder, digital compass and inclinometer permits data collection such as distances, heights and elevation angles.
The TACP modernization program involves four main products, a dismounted multi-band radio, a laser range finder, a computer software suite and a vehicle-mounted package radio.
Presence or absence of a range finder doesn't change this.
With these problems in mind, the authors (2000) built a new computer-assisted facial image identification system using a 3D physiognomic range finder.