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any animal that lives and grazes in the grassy open land of western North America (especially horses, cattle, sheep)

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We have free range animals, and hand reared chicks that just love to get to know our visitors, and a garden which is a lovely setting for a cream tea or lunch and a glass of wine in the sun' Inglenooks' farm shop sells everything from jams to chutneys, coffee and cheese - representing the best of what the region has to offer.
Only when people buy food produced from free range animals will compassion in food farming become the norm.
He plans research to find out how and if he can identify the characteristics of leaders among range animals.
And his eggs-ellent idea paid off when he became the youngest person to be accredited under the RSPCA Freedom Food welfare scheme - for produce from free range animals.
You don't need high quality ground since these are basically range animals.
In ground blinds they're outstanding, because you generally have the time to range animals and adjust the sight pin.
Range animals at full draw without extra movement with the Dead-On Rangefinder.
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