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About 30 years later, a researcher named James Ewing encountered Paget's theory by arguing that cancer cells don't spread randomly throughout the circulation in search of fertile soil.
Twenty-thousand IKEA Atlanta shoppers will randomly receive "Everyone's a Winner" Cards with free prizes such as a free hot dog from the IKEA Cafe Bistro, a comfy sofa or a $500 IKEA gift card from June 29 through July 4.
At each tick of the clock, a token moves randomly from one point to another connected point.
The Mechanics Bank's Bay Area Business Optimism Index is based on a telephone survey of 1,214 conducted in February and March, 2005, of randomly selected owners and senior managers of Bay Area businesses with annual revenues ranging from $50,000 to $20,000,000.
It would at minimum randomly assign women either to continue their unwanted pregnancies or terminate them.
With exciting tournament prizes, randomly generated competition levels and practice caves for offline play, old and new fans alike are sure to keep coming back for more.
After weaning 372 bipolar patients off psychoactive drugs already prescribed for them, the researchers randomly assigned valproate to 187, lithium to 91, and the placebo to 91.
The researchers randomly assigned 74 HIV-infected men to receive injections every other week of a placebo or 400 mg of testosterone.
It turns out, however, that randomly switching between the games results in a steady increase in capital.
For example, one can infer that, among 250,000 randomly selected sites, about 25 would have a million or more pages.
9) on the Welcome Neighbors campaign to help find the "Fabulous Five Neighbors" who were randomly chosen from more than 1,200 submissions who wrote in describing why they deserved consideration as an IKEA neighbor.
They searched for other key amino acid locations by randomly mutating the enzyme, creating tens of thousands of variations.
Patients were randomly assigned to one of two arms; one arm received G17DT alone, the other arm received identical, matching placebo.
A fair price about a randomly chosen player would be somewhere between 21-1 and 27-1.
Imec and its project partners today announced the launch of TERASEL (Thermo-plastically deformable circuits for embedded randomly shaped electronics), a project under the European Union s Seventh Framework Programme for Information and Communication Technologies (FP7).