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So Alexa decided to laugh randomly while I was in the kitchen.
Each participant performed a series of online tasks that assessed their ability to behave randomly.
We randomly selected five winners to receive a fabulous prize.
Everyone that plays even a little qualifies for randomly awarded prizes every Friday.
Fair odds in a randomly chosen fixture would be approximately 31-1.
The TERASEL project will develop a basic technology platform for rigid large-area randomly shaped electronic circuits.
a second, substantially inelastic fiber discrete from the randomly oriented first fibers, the second fiber extending over the balloon between the ends of the cylindrical barrel;
Devices used to automatically transport randomly entwined coil springs generally consist of a parts feeders for aligning and supplying springs and an independent spring separator for separating randomly entwined coil springs.
The volunteers had no interaction with the tasters other than watching them, yet their performance was altered on a later test of self-control depending on who they were randomly assigned to watch.
A CRAZED gunman randomly opened fire outside a nightclub wounding three people.
The sample consisted of 30 students who were randomly selected and randomly assigned to experimental and control group.
MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Hundreds of randomly selected freshmen enrolled at public universities and colleges in Wisconsin this fall will be the first recipients of privately donated scholarship money.
contractor has received a $50,000 package from Bobcat Company after being randomly selected in the Bobcat Great Road Tour Give-away.
C[pounds sterling]Unknown gunmen opened fire randomly in al-Khedr region in al-Askandariya district, north of Hilla, killing two civilians,C[yen] the source, who asked for anonymity, told Aswat al-Iraq Co Voices of Iraq (VOI).
Of that 20, the 12 automatically qualified teams will be put into three bands dependent on their IRB world ranking on December 1 this year then drawn randomly into each respective pool.