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set up or distributed in a deliberately random way


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The majority (84%) of patients initially randomized to chemotherapy received XALKORI after they progressed and this likely affected the overall survival results.
Criminologist Fox explains how to use randomized response and related methods in surveying sensitive data in the social sciences.
It's clear that the randomized controlled trial is a powerful tool for determining the usefulness of a discrete intervention such as a medication.
Proposed Sample Size: Stage 1: Up to 12 patients randomised to open-label active treatment at 1 centre Stage 2: 30 in total, randomized in a 1:1:1 treatment allocation
The researcher's view A randomized field trial is an experimental research design used to estimate the effect of an intervention or "treatment" (e.
Randomized controlled trials probe for beneficial effects of specific treatments.
In the 12-week trial, patients in each medication group were randomized to either cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or interpersonal therapy (IPT).
A total of 217 women were randomized to one of three groups: Eighty-one women received an intra-amniotic injection of prostaglandin, followed by insertion into the cervix of a laminaria tent and intravenous administration of oxytocin; 84 received 400 mcg of vaginal misoprostol every four hours for up to 24 hours; and 52 received the same misoprostol dose, on the same schedule, but orally.
A randomized trial of the impact of multiple micronutrient supplementation on mortality among HIV-infected individuals living in Bangkok.
KEY WORDS Randomized controlled trials, research design, random allocation, intention to treat.
Randomized field trials are a sturdy method of generating defensible evidence about the relative effectiveness of various interventions; nonrandomized trials do so, at times, but unpredictably.
These findings led investigators to conduct two large, carefully performed, randomized, prospective studies of patients with laryngeal (1) and hypopharyngeal (2) cancer.
In prospective, randomized studies of catheters left in place for an average of [is less than or equal to] 11 days (6-14), the incidence of catheter-related bloodstream infections was reduced by using chlorhexidine-silver sulfadiazine-impregnated catheters (RR 0.
The result of a randomized clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of ginkgo biloba special extract EGb 761 (ginkgo) suggests that ginkgo is not effective as a treatment for older people with dementia or age-associated memory impairment.
Study 806 represents the largest randomized trial of HIV-infected persons in the last decade and the first large-scale trial to study an immune-based therapy.
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