random sampling

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the selection of a random sample

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x] charts under random sampling plans for different values of [delta].
Again, using random sampling techniques, Abt will recruit people with MS who don't go to doctors on a regular basis and people with MS who live in nursing homes.
In a pivotal 1971 study, Daniel Kahneman of Princeton University and the late Amos Tversky of Stanford University argued that inaccurate assumptions about random sampling undermine people's ability to perceive events that genuinely go together.
A random sampling of baseball card stores around the area not only seem to show there's no real interest in the game from card hobbyist, but because the photographs of the players on many of the tickets are so out-of-register - the Drysdale piece in particular looks like some generic bad oil painting - a real collector would find nothing aesthetically pleasing about them unless he had a particularly strong player fetish.
She prepared two questionnaires: One appeared in our April issue that is a shorter version of another mailed to a random sampling of subscribers at the same time.
We completed in-depth surveys with wireless sales associates in the independent agent channel using stratified random sampling to represent the indirect wireless retail channel in the United States.
But a random sampling of 500 signatures proved inconclusive, forcing the Registrar's Office to check each signature for validity, he said.
NOTE TO EDITORS: 479 human resource professionals responded to the survey which was distributed to a random sampling of 1,000 SHRM members and appeared in the October issue of HRNews, a monthly publication of SHRM.
Joel Schwartz at the Hazard School of Public Health in Boston examined the relationship between blood pressure and lead based on measurements of each by the Public health Service in its random sampling of U.
The surveys will be conducted every Monday, and the results from this national random sampling of Americans will be available on Tuesdays.
According to the 50-page report, a random sampling of 29 of the county's 476 group homes revealed these problems in many of these facilities that house six or more children.