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a sample in which every element in the population has an equal chance of being selected

a sample grabbed at random

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Calderdale Council's Cabinet member for regeneration and economic development, Clr Barry Collins, said: "This survey, sent out to a random sample of Calderdale residents, will enable us to see where we're doing well and also identify areas where we can improve.
A table of results for nine random samples Water Shorter Tap Tooth Power Recycle Tank Shower Brushing Off My random sample 35% 73% 85% 58% 81% Random sample 2 27% 62% 81% 69% 77% Random sample 3 46% 54% 85% 65% 81% Random sample 4 46% 69% 96% 50% 81% Random sample 5 50% 77% 88% 69% 73% Random sample 6 50% 62% 85% 58% 81% Random sample 7 35% 69% 96% 62% 73% Random sample 8 42% 65% 85% 69% 77% Random sample 9 31% 73% 92% 65% 77% Figure 4.
36% increase was observed in random samples than the normal upper limit in serum which is upto 147 IU/L).
If a random sample is determined without the benefit of cell phones, would the lack of face-to-face interviews in the second round of the survey (when respondents answer a few survey questions using only their cell phones) undermine the credibility of the poll itself?
This would ensure that all the 4 measurements in the random sample come from one or any combination of the 4-strata.
Heffron said the city has spent about $50,000 on the random sample.
If, for example, we want to survey the opinions of students at a large university about agriculture, we cannot select a random sample simply by interviewing students at the door of the student union until we get enough interviews.
1) We obtain derivatives usage data for a sample of Fortune 500/S&P 500 (FSP) firms and a random sample of firms.
The control charts ([Mathematical Expression Omitted] and R) would be based on a random sample selected from successive time periods of production[5,7].
The charged tip rate was computed by dividing the total charged tips for a random sample of 28 days in the year, by the total charged sales for the sample 28 days.
The design factor is defined by Harris (1977) as the ratio of the standard deviation obtained from the present sampling design and the standard deviation that would have been obtained from a simple random sample of the same size.
It might be more economical to survey a random sample for a specific period of time.
Before we can generate a random sample, we have to be able to generate a single random number.
An independent market research firm conducted surveys within a geographically dispersed, random sample of households and from those results identified leaders in 75 different business categories.
The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 2005 assessment was administered to a stratified random sample of fourth-, eighth-, and twelfth-graders at the national level and to a stratified random sample of fourth- and eighth-graders at the state level.