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a sample in which every element in the population has an equal chance of being selected

a sample grabbed at random

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Recall that the random sample involves selection of items in such a way that all the items in the population of interest have the same probability of being selected.
In contrast, Flannery (1967) applied statistical tests appropriate to the types of data used in his analysis, if those data in fact comprised a random sample.
Preliminary results of data collected by WEFA from a random sample of ag retailers provide insight into these concerns.
Based upon empirical evidence contained in BOMA's annual Experience Exchange Report and a random sample of owners and their estimated "capital expenditures" for 1998, it was determined that the office sector -- as represented by BOMA members -- accounted for just over $104 billion in the North America' s economy.
A random sample of petition signatures to challenge the recently signed Greek Theatre contract was statistically inconclusive, Los Angeles city election officials told a judge Tuesday.
Instead, Abt will identify a random sample of physicians around the country, and with the help of Society chapter staff, recruit them to participate.
1) We obtain derivatives usage data for a sample of Fortune 500/S&P 500 (FSP) firms and a random sample of firms.
The charged tip rate was computed by dividing the total charged tips for a random sample of 28 days in the year, by the total charged sales for the sample 28 days.
It might be more economical to survey a random sample for a specific period of time.
An independent market research firm conducted surveys within a geographically dispersed, random sample of households and from those results identified leaders in 75 different business categories.
By investigating vehicles with auto body complaints, the BAR concluded a 43% incident of fraud, far greater than any random sample would show.
The survey, developed by RHI Management Resources, is based on responses from 1,400 CFOs from a stratified random sample of companies with more than 20 employees.
But the group agreed Tuesday to pay for verifying a 3 percent random sample of the 202,282 names submitted.
2 million in bids awarded by the Port Authority, while a random sample of contractors from the Port, Authority vendor list who did not attend won only, $410,000 in contracts.
among 659 owners/heads of small businesses and benefits decision-makers in larger companies, using a nationally representative random sample.