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Synonyms for random

Synonyms for random

having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure

Antonyms for random

lacking any definite plan or order or purpose


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The NIST tests are built on hypothesis testing, whether a specific sequence of zeroes and ones is random or not.
Random Socks was quietly launched last year to test the market.
Lower courts ruled that because the paper mill is considered "inherently dangerous", the employer does not have to prove the existence of a problem with alcohol in order to justify random testing.
All of us at MeeGenius are thrilled to partner with Random House as we enter 2013," said Wandy Hoh, MeeGenius chief executive officer.
In the new work, the scientists have calculated what might happen to a stream of partially random information, in which some of the bits are correlated with other variables, making the bits not random.
1% owned by New Holland Publishing SA, with the remainder held by Random House Group Ltd in London, UK.
Carter Lumber denied the allegations, but paid Random Lengths $300,000 and was enjoined by the court from copying or retransmitting Random Lengths' reports and from distributing reports derived from Random Lengths' publications.
represented Random House in the 15-year leasing transaction valued at over $7 million.
In classical statistics, the value of the measurand is assumed to be an unknown constant, often called the true value, and each result of measurement is regarded as a realization of a random variable with a sampling distribution.
Random number generators are widely used in computer simulations to provide approximate solutions to statistical problems.
where the function g is called the link function and [epsilon] is a random error term.
If 5 percent or more test positive in any survey year, mandatory random testing for illegal steroids shall take place during the next two years.
It's true that there is more random error in measuring gains in test scores than in measuring the level of test scores.
Film resins with a better balance of clarity and stiffness may compete with random copolymers.
One of the most beguiling aspects of this practice's work is the way order is quietly subverted by random expression and pattern.
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