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Synonyms for random

Synonyms for random

having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure

Antonyms for random

lacking any definite plan or order or purpose


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Random numbers are used to make the encryption keys that lock and unlock access to data or systems.
In this brief article, I hope to persuade library information system developers to accommodate randomness, both in their user interfaces (with a link to a random item) and in their APIs and web services (with a random item function).
Random fixed point theorems are stochastic generalization of classical fixed point theorems.
The NIST tests are built on hypothesis testing, whether a specific sequence of zeroes and ones is random or not.
Random Socks was quietly launched last year to test the market.
The company said it had not intentionally weakened security on any product and noted that Extended Random did not prove popular and had been removed from RSA's protection software in the last six months.
Lower courts ruled that because the paper mill is considered "inherently dangerous", the employer does not have to prove the existence of a problem with alcohol in order to justify random testing.
In the new work, the scientists have calculated what might happen to a stream of partially random information, in which some of the bits are correlated with other variables, making the bits not random.
Random Source was merged into a subsidiary of Proguard and Proguard's business and operations are now those of Random Source.
Inequality coefficients estimated for the revenue forecasts indicate acceptable model performance relative to a random walk benchmark (Theil, 1975).
23 -- Operating from the Random House India Offices, Random House Knowledge, will provide and promote international, influential, corporate and celebrity speakers into India, South East Asia, China and Hong Kong.
Elgin and colleagues designated subjects to one of the two methods by using random assignment and then compared them statistically.
Publisher Random House South Africa has entered into a merger agreement with Struik Publishing.
Prominenttely featured--for the benefit and education of its readers--is this announcement in the August 24 issue of Random Lengths, "The Weekly Report on North American Forest Products Markets":
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