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Synonyms for rancid

Synonyms for rancid

smelling of mildew or decay

Synonyms for rancid

(used of decomposing oils or fats) having a rank smell or taste usually due to a chemical change or decomposition

Related Words

smelling of fermentation or staleness

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Punjab Food Authority Director General Noorul Amin Mengal led a raid on a nimko factory in Gajjumatta and sealed it for using horse food in making nimko with rancid and stale oil.
She said the snacks were being fried in expired and rancid oil along with unhygienic textile colour.
In a post on Facebook last night, Belsonic wrote: "While Green Day and Rancid were in town yesterday the bands, their family and their crew took some time to meet puppies from Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Bangor, who rescue and rehome dogs, cats and rabbits.
A few days later, Mr Galloway added: "The more rancid pro-Iraq War Khalid Mahmood appears in my area the more I will take the fight to New Labour elsewhere.
Give it a sniff: The smell of rancid oil has been likened to the smell of crayons or stale peanuts.
Also, roasted nuts and seeds turn rancid more quickly than raw ones.
the fats in the food may be quite rancid--and dogs' noses are far more sensitive to the odor of rancid fats than our noses are.
Lumps of rancid fat have washed up on several more beaches along the south Wales coast, say environmental experts.
The ministry had earlier received complaints about rotten and rancid corn flakes available in Qatar markets.
WE'RE almost at the end of 2012 but it felt more like 1978 in a packed-out Barrowland - both in terms of the hordes of fans in leather and studs, and the racket being blasted out by Rancid, a Californian punk-rock outfit.
MATT FREEMAN has been through a lot: Playing with Rancid and Operation Ivy; filling in on bass for Social Distortion and with Exene Cervenka in Auntie Christ; a cancer misdiagnosis and subsequent lung surgery.
JAPANESE whalers and militant conservationists clashed in the Antarctic Ocean over two days with weapons including water cannon, blinding lasers and bottles of rancid acid.
22 (ANI): Senior BJP leader Manohar Parrikar on Tuesday said that Lal Krishna Advani's position in the party is like pickle that has turned rancid, and that his political life is almost over.
While Green Day has become too big for its britches, Rancid is content with being itself.
Tibetans drink tea made of salt and rancid yak butter.