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a person who owns or operates a ranch

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The Nevada rancher does not recognize the authority of the Bureau of Land Management and has argued that his ancestors' control over the land before it came under the protection of the federal government gives him the right to use it as he wishes.
As the de-facto standard for cloud native workloads, Docker enables vendors like Rancher Labs and Redapt to create purpose-built infrastructure stacks for containerized workloads by defining an application packaging and runtime standard.
Goals for EET projects should be to identify gaps in beginning farmer and rancher training by evaluating all existing programs, and to develop and conduct train-the-trainer projects to address these gaps.
Farmers and ranchers have a critical insight when it comes to improving their systems.
Where we discuss absolute sizes of reported impacts, we interpret them as upper limits for rancher responses to the loss of Williamson Act contracts.
Farmer and Rancher Mobilization) Team will continue to build momentum as farmers and ranchers become more engaged through social media and newly created interactive online tools.
Whether you're packing out a nice buck or plowing the drive, it's all about comfort and capability, and one of our favorite ATVs is the midsize but mighty Honda FourTrax Rancher AT.
The Research Title included a new beginning farmer and rancher priority mission area within the Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems competitive grants program.
The rancher only wanted to be paid the fair value of the bull.
Instead, the escaped elk became the object of an unprecedented property rights struggle that pitted an embattled rancher against a state government eager to assert its "right" to destroy property at the whim of the governor.
Yuma rancher Kenny Rogers said the beef industry's margin of error is already narrow.
I felt tremendously lucky" said the rancher, who wrote a book about his experience.
It must have been a rancher who coined the phrase "labor of love.
Ricardo Costa Martins Amatuzzi, a rancher in the southern state of Matto Grosso do Sul, first purchased a group of pedigreed cattle and embryos in 2001.
They believed that anyone with brown skin was a target and cited perpetrators such as Roger Barnett, a local rancher whose vigilante activity has been well documented by media, community groups, and the Mexican Consul stationed in Douglas.