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The scientists found no evidence of reduced fertility among Ranch Hand veterans, compared to the control group.
Western, starring Randolph Scott as a ranch hand who loses his horse and hitches a ride on a stagecoach - which is promptly hijacked by outlaws.
The leading man is young ranch hand Curly who is infatuated with local girl Laurey but they are both too proud to admit they love each other.
Living in a Texas border town, Jones' Pete is upset when his friend, a Mexican ranch hand named Melquiades Estrada (Julio Cesar Cedillo), is shot dead near the border and hastily buried.
Optimizations were performed using data from a random selection of veterans from the Ranch Hand cohort and data from a human volunteer who was exposed to TCDD.
While Sachs' Manuel was forever being picked on by manic Basil, the real Manuel is a ranch hand on Cleese's pounds 14million ranch in Santa Barbara, California - and fellow workers say he's not a man to be messed with.
Many Ranch Hand veterans still have elevated levels of dioxin--a contaminant always present in the herbicide--in their bodies as a result of their long-ago exposures.
An Air Force study of veterans who had participated in the Ranch Hand defoliation program found indications that these men faced an increased -- though statistically insignificant -- risk of skin, genito-urinary and otopharyngeal cancers and a tendency to develop underactive thyroids and diabetes (SN: 3/3/84, p.
Believing no one will go for her ranch hand ways, when posh Sherwood Statham appears in her life, the very definition of high class Britain, she finds that she may have been looking in the wrong places all this time.
And the Kid, a ranch hand, was aligned with one of the factions.
This last is particularly ironic when considering that the first few decades of Hollywood cowboy movies rarely, if ever, depicted a black man as a cowboy or ranch hand.
Air Force Ranch Hand Veterans with high exposure demonstrated reduced memory function (Barrett et al.
But let's not forget that, in the first season of the show, ranch hand Ray Krebs has an affair with J.