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the posterior part of the mandible that is more or less vertical

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In the first part of her investigation ("Contre les professeurs: critiques du pedantisme", 27-180), Couzinet argues against the school of modern scholarship that views Ramus as an inexpert schoolmaster instead of a humanist, and Ramism as just as an educational intervention instead of a philosophical school of thought.
Canadian-born Bruce Ramus - whose CV includes designing the world's largest permanent interactive light installation, Luminous at Darling Quarter in Sydney, as well as lighting designer for U2, R.
The show welcomes 69 new exhibitors this year, more newcomers than was typical even before the Great Recession, Ramus said.
When two rami were pres- ent both were above the mandible in 14 (14%) cases and in the remaining 6 (6%) cases one ramus was above and the other was below the mandible.
In this section, Mack correctly notes that many critics, including Walter Ong, accuse Ramus of limiting rhetoric to style and ornament.
Fatigue fracture of the inferior pubic ramus following total hip replacement for congenital hip dislocation.
Ong worked in more than 100 libraries in the British Isles and Continental Europe tracking down the more than 750 volumes by Ramus and his followers that he lists and briefly describes in Ramus and Talon Inventory (Harvard University Press, 1958).
Como no fue aceptado como profesor en la Academia de Ginebra, aun aristotelica, dirigida por Theodore de Beze (1519-1605) (41), quien veia en Ramus a un rebelde resistente a la disciplina ginebrina, no tuvo mas remedio que hacer lo posible para recuperar su puesto en el College de Presles y el College Royal.
The volume is a fine study of Ramism in German lands, and it does offer a sound argument for the popularity and impact of Ramus, namely, the impetus given by his methods to the efficient and practical organization of pedagogy in general and to the creation of architectonic models for understanding the encyclopedia of academic disciplines.
All other primates, including chimpanzees and fossil members of the human-evolutionary family, share a different ramus configuration, the team asserts.
Alli se alojo en una residencia jesuita cercana a la Place Maubert, donde cuatro siglos antes se ubicara el College de Presles, en el que Ramus dio clases desde 1544 hasta su muerte en 1572 (7).
Over the past four hundred years, Ramist methodology has attracted much more scholarly attention than its progenitor, Petrus Ramus (1515-1572).
Ramus, a professor of biological oceanography at Duke University in Durham, have put together an innovative project called FerryMon to use that state's extensive coastal ferry system to actively monitor water quality in the rivers and open waters of the sound.
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