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the posterior part of the mandible that is more or less vertical

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In this section, Mack correctly notes that many critics, including Walter Ong, accuse Ramus of limiting rhetoric to style and ornament.
Ramus said she's anticipating some additional changes at the show.
Fatigue fracture of the inferior pubic ramus following total hip replacement for congenital hip dislocation.
Ong worked in more than 100 libraries in the British Isles and Continental Europe tracking down the more than 750 volumes by Ramus and his followers that he lists and briefly describes in Ramus and Talon Inventory (Harvard University Press, 1958).
The volume is a fine study of Ramism in German lands, and it does offer a sound argument for the popularity and impact of Ramus, namely, the impetus given by his methods to the efficient and practical organization of pedagogy in general and to the creation of architectonic models for understanding the encyclopedia of academic disciplines.
They then used a computer program to calculate an average ramus contour for each primate group.
A panoramic x-ray examination revealed multilocular radiolucency in the ramus ascendens and the angulus mandibula on the right (figure 1).
Dissolved organic carbon is correlated to the presence of fecal coliform bacteria such as Escherichia coli and disease-bearing organisms such as Vibrio and Clostridium species, says Ramus.
Ramus (which may ship late next year) is not a conventional E-mail system, Digate points out: It is an E-mail "application" that is designed to act as a front end to the system-level plumbing of existing network and mainframe-based mail systems.
I think the big thing is the exhibitions have really diversified," Ramus said.
The present work studies the controversy surrounding Ramus, hence the term combat.
Prince-Ramus's firm, to be established with Erez Ella, will be known as Ramus Ella Architects (REX).
Its current assessed value stands at $611,123, said El Cid De Ramus, a staff assistant to the county assessor.
when she failed to negotiate a right curve and struck a 2003 Buick driven by Carolyn Ramus, 64, of Salem.
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