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a rod used to ram the charge into a muzzle-loading firearm

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a harshly demanding overseer

a rod used to clean the barrel of a firearm

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After marking my ramrod on a load, I always make sure to "see red" before pulling the trigger and avoid disruptions when loading a muzzleloader.
The ramrod was just a simple piece of tapered wood, so that should not be hard to fabricate.
In fact, right before we left on this tour our drummer Ramrod and I were skating.
There was no harsh regimentation--no ramrod straight spines and textbooks held at arm's length at exactly the proper angle, as in the old films and photographs.
Ramrod, named after the woolly friends which live at the brewery's stables (in Wandsworth, London) is a classic, hoppy strong ale.
The main entrance is cleft into the intersection of the competing chalk-and-cheese forms, where the teasing curve of the copper carapace meets the ramrod straight edge of the brick wall.
Under the current standard, it's possible to establish a "personal area network" (PN) linking one Bluetooth-enabled device to seven others, with one acting as the ramrod and the others as "slaves" or satellite devices.
Klimentova, encased in a sleek skin-tight unitard, has a truly pliant body--one moment ramrod straight, the next contorting into unearthly shapes.
Everything about him shouted rectitude, from his ramrod posture to the piercing blue eyes of his magnificent face.
Remember Wily Coyote in the cartoons falling from huge heights, landing ramrod straight with that reverberating sound effect?
His partner, the engineering ramrod for the Eniac project, John Presper Eckert, once explained that Mauchly's "goal was to forecast the weather, and it was only incidental that he found out there was just no computing machine that existed that would handle all this voluminous stuff.
They are hiding something and want to ramrod this through.
The hoary-headed man with ramrod posture would mutter a couple of sentences which were then translated from German into English, bow his head for a moment, and then bolt upright and spew a few more.
The plots of Dead Freight for Piute (1940), Ramrod (1943), High Vermilion (1948), and many others were used in movies.