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having branches

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Ramose (1999:62) identifies and explains three interrelated dimensions that define personhood when he says;
Here that role was played by an assembly of mourners borrowed from the tomb of Ramose of Thebes (ca.
A comparison of the root growth, root morphology and root response to defoliation of Aristida ramose R.
5) Ramose invertebrates: Due to their advanced state of digestion, specific identification of this material was impossible, although its tubular structure, dichotomous ramification and presence of ovoidal structures in the external wails suggested it to be assigned to "bryozoa".
Schedophyla is the most common fossil in the North Taxis Road locality, particularly where moulds of its shells together with smaller numbers of ramose and encrusting bryozoans pave bedding surfaces.
The lithofacies is dominated by echinoderms, with lesser amounts of fenestrate and ramose bryozoans.
La loca persecucion que hace Bucum para capturar a Reggie hace que los dos se vean envueltos en medio de un robo multimillonario de diamantes, donde Reggie, inesperadamente, termina en la parte de atras del vehiculo en el que huyen los ladrones, conducida por la despiadada ladrona de joyas Ursula (Carmen Chaplin) y su socio Ramose (Roger Guenveur Smith), quienes al parecer dejaron unos cuantos cadaveres mientras realizaban el asalto.
Bucum Ice Cube Reggie Mike Epps Gina Eva Mendes Williamson Tommy Flanagan Ursula Carmen Chaplin Pam Valarie Rae Miller Ramose Roger Guenveur Smith Lil'J Anthony Michael Hall Kelly Lil Bow Wow Martinez Anthony Giaimo Mango Jeff Chase Mickey Gino Salvano Ms.
coral species complex, (d) A series of detached peripheral reefs, some crown with crustose coralline algal pavements or with ramose Acropora palmata and cerebroid Diploria strigosa corals, interspersed over the shallow areas of the leeward margin of the lagoon, (e) The leeward fore-reef terrace, rather bare in shallow sites and with diverse, developed carpets of mixed coral species in deeper waters (see also Diaz et al.
VALENTIN, En torno a la tumba de Ramose, en Aegyptiaca Complutensia 1, Universidad de Alcala, Espana, 1992, p.
All are also massive colonies that grow slower than ramose and leafy colonies, like Acropora and Agaricia respectivelly.
7] In 1988, Ramose and associates[1,2] delineated the lesion on morphologic, immunologic, and genetic grounds and introduced the term T-cell-rich B-cell Currently, TCRBCL is considered as a variant large B cell lymphoma.
This leafy perennial, whose distribution ranges from Asia to South Africa and tropical Australia, is terete and ramose, with stems from 10 to 100 cm long, erect or ascending from a creeping base (19).
Jack Ramose, grand secretary of the Orange Order in Scotland, said Blair's attendance at Mass was evidence he was planning to convert.
Although the precise circumstances of this marriage are not spelt out, there is nothing further to suggest a polygamous alliance, and it may well be that Ramose had divorced his third wife before marrying his fourth.