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having branches

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83) At least his life is spared, in contrast to that of his friend from childhood, the chief physician Harsiese son of Ramose, who had some responsibility in forming the plot, and Harsiese's co-conspirators, who are sentenced to death by burning.
Here that role was played by an assembly of mourners borrowed from the tomb of Ramose of Thebes (ca.
Schedophyla is the most common fossil in the North Taxis Road locality, particularly where moulds of its shells together with smaller numbers of ramose and encrusting bryozoans pave bedding surfaces.
The lithofacies is dominated by echinoderms, with lesser amounts of fenestrate and ramose bryozoans.
7] In 1988, Ramose and associates[1,2] delineated the lesion on morphologic, immunologic, and genetic grounds and introduced the term T-cell-rich B-cell Currently, TCRBCL is considered as a variant large B cell lymphoma.
This leafy perennial, whose distribution ranges from Asia to South Africa and tropical Australia, is terete and ramose, with stems from 10 to 100 cm long, erect or ascending from a creeping base (19).
Jack Ramose, grand secretary of the Orange Order in Scotland, said Blair's attendance at Mass was evidence he was planning to convert.
The imperative, as such, for the authentic liberation of Africa, as argued by philosopher Mogobe Ramose, requires neither a supplicated apologia nor interminable obsequies in defence of being African.
The name of Moses himself is a common element in Egyptian names, connoting "son" or "incarnation" and preceded by the name of a deity it honors; among the examples are the pharaohs Kamose, Ahmose, Thutmose, Ramose [Ramses].