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  • verb

Synonyms for ramify

to separate into branches or branchlike parts

Synonyms for ramify

have or develop complicating consequences


Related Words

grow and send out branches or branch-like structures

divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork

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College has not been as high a priority goat in many of their families due to few or no rote models in their ramify.
While Palmer's own analyses of Spenser's thought and writings are somewhat variable (for example, her account of a "dark" Spenserian linguistic epiphany a la Richard Waswo, achieved one night in the ruins of Kilcolman Castle while "watching the meanings of his allegory ramify and escape his intentions" [106], is dramatic but all-ways incredible), the link she establishes between the history of the English-Irish linguistic encounter and the great flowering of Elizabethan literature that marks the birth of English imperial expansion is very welcome; I hope that this study will contribute to the emerging recognition of the crucial importance of the Elizabethan conquest of Ireland to ethical and political analyses of the English literature of this period.
Thus the numerical proportions of a great number of the inhabitants, both of the land and of the sea, might be permanently altered by the settling of one new species in the region; and the changes caused indirectly might ramify through all classes of the living creation, and be almost endless.
They ramify too much; they leave too much open to interpretation.
1 A finite G-stable set of places S of N will be said to be multiplicatively tame for N/K if it contains all archimedean places and all places which ramify in N/K, and the order of the S-ideal class group [Cl.
Theaters were littered with failed ramify movies: Sidekicks, Cop and a Half, Into the West.
In the second type, by trifurcation (7 livers), one or more collateral branches of the trunk of the hepatic artery are variably observed supplying the caudate, right medial, right lateral, quadrate lobes and the gall bladder (cystic artery), as a result it follows the trifurcation of the hepatic artery or tripod, namely, the gastroduodenal artery, two more arteries that ramify with accentuated variation in the six hepatic lobes of the swine.
The externa is produced by the interna, a mass of rootlets that ramify throughout the body of the host, obtaining nutrition for the parasite.
Let S [subset] V = V' [union] V" be a finite set of places containing those which ramify in E/F or are archimedean.
Stories have a tendency to ramify when unchecked, after all, and Montalbetti gives them free rein here, encouraging her reader to follow the alluring meanders of narrative.