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tall perennial herb of tropical Asia with dark green leaves

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Confused as to what rule or regulation, if any, he violated, Ramie wrote GW on November 4.
The evidence from the iron spindles late in the sequence at Tha Kae indicates changes in textile technology that one might expect with the introduction of new fibres into the Southeast Asian textile repertoire, where ramie (Boehmeria nivea), hemp (Cannabis sativa), bean creeper (Pueraria thunbergiania) and silk (wild and domesticated) had hitherto been processed (see Cameron 2010).
1994, "Pectinolytic enzymes from actinomycetes for the degumming of ramie bast fibers.
6) Georges Ramie wrote along the same lines that, "He decided that, apart from his original personal work, a collection of works should be opened, conceived so that each one of them could be repeated in a number of copies to de determined.
Ramie Targoff has simply not discovered and defined a sufficiently distinctive conception of Donne's literary and religious vision.
Carolyn goes up every day, the kids every other day, while his friends, including best mate Ramie McGeever, also from Glasgow, visit as often as possible.
In 1946 he worked with Suzanne and Georges Ramie at the Madoura Pottery workshop and painted on several plate and vessel forms.
Shannon Okey, co-owner of Stitch Cleveland, introduces readers to plant-based fibers, including Tencel made from wood pulp and other yarns made from soy (soft like silk), ramie, kenaf, flax, hemp, bamboo, seaweed, nettles, and more.
David and Graeme Haswell both grabbed doubles, with Ramie Elliott and Kieran McKeown claiming the other scores.
Every year, some 30 million tonnes of natural fibres are farmed from animals and plants across the globe from China (cotton, wool, hemp, sisal, ramie silk etc) to the Andes (Alpaca).
The unifying preoccupation of all John Donne's writings, according to Brandeis University English professor Ramie Targoff, is his obsession with the mysterious relationship between his soul and body.
Alkire - Ramie and Zachary Alkire, of Eugene, twin daughters.
For the other 26 days a month, his consciousness is on the back burner but very much alive in that he eventually develops a wildly passionate love for Jill's best friend Ramie.
The cellulose fibres are softer than cotton, strong, and absorbent--characteristics they share with other cellulosic fibres such as cotton, linen, ramie, and rayon.
Hassan Hathout recalls the 1948 Arab/Israeli war and particularly the siege of Ramie as if it were yesterday