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Synonyms for rallentando

gradually decreasing in tempo

slowing down

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Use is made of rubato, rallentando, and triplets to accommodate words, and yet in spite of this great rhythmic complexity the singing is relaxed and lyrical.
One detail on this manuscript does invite adoption as a corrective main reading: the placing of rallentando and then a tempo at the half-close across mm.
I thought Multidimensional appeared agitati; this could have been the tongue-strap, but you don't want your horse to manifest forte-piano before the music starts lest rallentando occurs in the final act.
There were, for example, some impressive dynamic effects in He shall purify; and a particularly dramatic rallentando on the chorus All we like sheep.
The ending, bars 86-89, is less clear because Debussy makes a considerable rallentando in bars 84-85, and bar 86 (Example 4) could be considered as a return to the ordinary slower tempo from the rallentando.