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Synonyms for rallentando

gradually decreasing in tempo

slowing down

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I thought Multidimensional appeared agitati; this could have been the tongue-strap, but you don't want your horse to manifest forte-piano before the music starts lest rallentando occurs in the final act.
La postura cabizbaja y meditabunda de los [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] corresponde a la logica de la religiosidad de los oyentes de un oraculo, al mismo tiempo que marca un rallentando en el poema y sirve de puente entre la profecia y la interpelacion de 59 y siguientes.
There were, for example, some impressive dynamic effects in He shall purify; and a particularly dramatic rallentando on the chorus All we like sheep.
The ending, bars 86-89, is less clear because Debussy makes a considerable rallentando in bars 84-85, and bar 86 (Example 4) could be considered as a return to the ordinary slower tempo from the rallentando.
The film cuts back inside the German quarters and the music is heard more robustly; the camera arcs around the space to show the singers and players and, in imitation of the uplifting, rallentando ending, tilts upwards to settle on framed portraits of the Kaiser and his wife.
The first relaxed chords Before a tune gathers speed, The rallentando Of our toysome unswaddlings, Switch and swop of roles, Homo ludens make-believe Master or mistress, Geisha of dentelle and thong Or Amazon queen, Gentle games of the chamber License of delight, Time-beguiling and time out, Our playful anything goes.
41) Here, the performer might incorporate a slight rallentando at the end of the preceding level II material, and a purposeful quality to the ensuing level I material.
is followed by the drawn out rallentando of the emphasized "But if
Anyway, thoughtful composers always indicate those places to be taken out of tempo through such markings as ritardando, rallentando, accelerando, etc.
His eventual death is also phrased as a long, slow rallentando into the grave the financial cost of which, ironically, further diminishes the inheritance of a son and heir he never knew he fathered.
Cadences are largely harmonic, in that the resolving harmony controls the process, and the melodic structure epitomizes the resolution, often through the use of rallentando (Example 16).
One detail on this manuscript does invite adoption as a corrective main reading: the placing of rallentando and then a tempo at the half-close across mm.
13) Though the rhythm changes, midday seems to be marked by a rallentando which would connote an after-lunch lethargy and/or the sorrows that Francisco feels at the cemetery and that Jorge Luis's family evidences at the airport.
Mais lorsque ce nom apparait a rebours, dans un acte de lecture fait de nos jours, l'iteration des deux voyelles fortes et ouvertes (a-a) , le commencement en occlusive sonore, la conclusion en occlusive sourde, le rallentando musical produit par l'ensemble LZ, plus les souvenirs de nos lectures et de nos eventuelles promenades parisiennes, finissent par donner a ce nom une image mentale plus proche de la statue d'Honore de Balzac realise par Rodin, que de la frele figure que l'historie conserve de l'essayiste du XVIIe.
The most noticeable discrepancies are measure 19, where a ritardando is in the transcription with no fermata on beats eight to nine; however, in the original score, a rallentando is indicated and a fermata is placed on beats eight to nine in the vocal parts.