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Synonyms for rake-off

a percentage (of winnings or loot or profit) taken by an operator or gangster


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I have no idea what Claudia Winkleman does for a similar rake-off because I never watch her show.
During Kibaki's first 100 days in office, it was feared that the discontent within the coalition may threaten the much-awaited economic rake-off, forcing all the 134 NARC members of parliament, led by Vice President Kijana Wamalwa, to go for a retreat to iron out their differences--some real; some imaginary.
While Future-Net (UK) was in full flow, an estimated 2,000 telephone loan applications were made to the company - leading to a premium rate telephone rake-off of pounds 30,000 a week, or more than pounds 1 million a year.
Obviously the Government can't resist the lure of the tax rake-off.
But there are General Accounting Office and Inspector General's Office deputies consistently on the prowl for government rake-off artists and kickback kings.
In any case, these have all already been paid for through the Government's big rake-off from Scotland's oil and the extortionate and indiscriminate direct taxation on petrol.
And Volkswagen knocks a whopping 15 percent off the cost of a new car, a substantial rake-off in a country where a basic model costs at least $20,000.
The big bookies took the hump when he dared to criticise their (and the Treasury's) rake-off.
How much it costs to run is kept extremely dark, but besides its income from entry charges and a rake-off from its cheerful shop, it goes for every penny of grant that is around.
Suharto's wife, Madame Tien, is widely known (though not in the Indonesian press) as Madame Tien Percent, a usage that may understate the family rake-off.
The parties get a rake-off from hotel rooms, fringe events and f from and booze That' Torie was s forgo The To grow booze and food at receptions.
And it is 920% more than the PS10 annual rake-off per customer in 2009.
It is the Government rake-off which keeps the prices high.
A letter, from a Mrs Linda Nkomo, asks for help to transfer EUR8million in return for a 30 per cent rake-off.