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a bridge partner who increases the partner's bid

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someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soil

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The BAR said goat raisers do not adopt AI due to unavailability of processed semen; lack of trained inseminators; and absence of a viable industry to support the commercialization of the technology.
We are delighted to be working with BidPal to offer Raisers Edge users access to their leading mobile event and auction fundraising software, said David Zeidman, CEO of Zeidman Development.
The new person/dog team completes an intensive in-residence course culminating with a graduation ceremony at which the raiser formally presents the dog to the dog's new partner.
States may maintain fraud actions when fund raisers make false or misleading representations designed to deceive donors about how their donations will be used.
The beneficiaries are DSB Hog Raisers Association, Escalante Hog Farmers Association, Sagay Hog Raisers Association, Cadiz Hog Raisers Association, Manapla Hog Raisers Association, Manapla Swine Breeders Association, Victorias Hog Raisers Association, E.
All the hard work by the puppy raisers still pays off in some way.
Raddatz has basically seen it all in the world of fund-raising, dating back to 1974 when he was one of the first people to establish a frozen pizza fund raiser, Mister Z's Pizza of Grafton, WI, a company he has since sold.
The donation to Habitat for Humanity came about because past fund- raisers had always been shared with one or more nonprofit agencies.
According to another station spokesperson, KFI's past fund raisers have raised 10,000-15,000 dollars per hour.
With past fund raisers, we designated moneys for specific projects, such as purchasing additional chalices for eucharistic ministers to distribute hosts.
One may assume the big-money donors at Republican fund raisers chow down on steak while the Democrats pick at tofu and bean sprouts.