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the arch of hair above each eye

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MOTORISTS are so used to gridlock that signs telling them Dublin's notorious M50 is closed shouldn't raise an eyebrow.
And van der Sar can't help but raise an eyebrow at the prospect of that particular treble.
The "smut" in question was a stash of "physique" magazines that wouldn't raise an eyebrow today.
These days, though, she's no longer the polarizing figure she once was -- that honor now belongs to Tom Cruise -- and the 18,000-strong Inglewood crowd didn't raise an eyebrow.
You raise an eyebrow, but consider another post-Pistols McLaren production: the still-influential 1982 concept album Duck Rock.
After the furious pace of mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate upheavals of the past decade, you'd think one more change would hardly raise an eyebrow.