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Rainstorms are forecast to continue until Saturday in most parts of Sichuan, according to the provincial meteorological center.
Guangzhou, Rajab 13, 1434, May 23, 2013, SPA -- A persistent rainstorm that has lashed down on south China's Guangdong Province for days has left four people dead and affected lives of nearly half a million residents, local flood control authorities said Thursday.
Since early May, strong rainstorms in the southern regions have triggered floods.
Damage from a 2003 brush fire coupled with this winter's brutal rainstorms have washed out trails and dumped charred debris across the canyon, the jewel of the Santa Clarita Woodlands park just west of Santa Clarita.
SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 17, 1995--Union Bank Friday announced a series of programs designed to aid customers affected by the recent rainstorms and severe floods.
We've repaired about 25,000 potholes during these rainstorms.
12, 1995--Wells Fargo Bank Thursday announced an emergency loan and assistance program for the bank's customers whose homes or small businesses have been affected by rainstorms and floods throughout California.
Instead, they blame the rush and extra costs on delays caused by months of rainstorms this winter and argue that only a third of $700,000 was an extra cost item because the workers would have been paid at the regular rate if the project wasn't rushed.
10, 1995--As rainstorms continue to descend upon California, GTE crews maintain their round-the-clock efforts to restore telephone service in rain- drenched communities of Laguna Beach, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Santa Barbara County, as well as portions of Riverside and San Bernardino counties, including Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Indio.
The winter's rainstorms pulverized our poorly maintained streets and roads, carving potholes that damage cars and further slow traffic.
10, 1995--GTE work crews maintain their round-the-clock service restoration effort in the face of continuing rainstorms that have disrupted service to about 16,000 of GTE's 3.
The heavy rainstorms have exposed Mayor James Hahn's failure to repair Los Angeles' crumbling streets.
The visitors center was closed three weeks ago when slides caused by heavy rainstorms damaged a pipeline at the plant.
ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST - Two Angeles National Forest District offices affected by rainstorms in January and February remain open for administrative operations despite difficult access.
ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST - As the winter's relentless rainstorms pelted the forest and turned lazy streams into raging rivers, biologists grimly joked that the rare fish and amphibians found in those creeks were now swimming the Pacific.