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falling in drops or as if falling like rain

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It's raining not on the lovely tale of seasons past, but on the tax-collector's
With the XML-based repository (TigerLogic XDMS) from Raining Data and the RFID Composite Application Network offering from SeeBeyond, customers and partners can take advantage of the standards-based Web Services and XQuery to aggregate information not previously accessible - delivering new efficiencies to help support accelerated ROI from RFID projects.
It was raining and the roadway was wet,'' Humphrey said.
It tends to grow about two days after rain, and does well in humid air even if it's not raining.
It was raining earlier, but now things are mellow and there are a handful of surfers taking advantage of the day.
Last year, it stopped raining in January and we had much less color in our gardens as a result.
it may start raining in Ventura but be dry in the Valley.
Raining Data Corporation (Nasdaq Small Cap:RDTA), formerly known as Omnis Technology Corporation, announced today a number of important senior management promotions.
in Pasadena, said: ``When it's raining we have to catch up all the time.
Raining Data Corporation (Nasdaq:RDTA), formerly known as Omnis Technology Corporation, announced today expense reductions expected to total more than $3 million annually.
It's raining and it's Southern California, and since it doesn't rain here very much, people forget how to drive,'' said California Highway Patrol Officer James Murad.
I can't even remember when it wasn't raining, period.
Raining Data Corporation (Nasdaq:RDTA), formerly known as Omnis Technology Corporation, today announced that it has named Bryce Burns, Chairman of the Board, to the additional post of Interim CEO.
3) Paul Young, 10, of Fremont Elementary School in Glendale, enjoys staying inside and listening to music when it's raining.