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falling in drops or as if falling like rain

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It had been D'Artagnan's practice, ever since the riots, to sleep in the same room as Porthos, and on this eventful morning he was still there, sleeping, and dreaming that a yellow cloud had overspread the sky and was raining gold pieces into his hat, which he held out till it was overflowing with pistoles.
Edward Freely was the name that shone in gilt letters on a mazarine ground over the doorplace of the new shop--a generous-sounding name, that might have belonged to the open-hearted, improvident hero of an old comedy, who would have delighted in raining sugared almonds, like a new manna-gift, among that small generation outside the windows.
When Hetty recovered from her burst of weeping, she rallied her fainting courage: it was raining, and she must try to get on to a village where she might find rest and shelter.
Young ladies, such of you as have cloaks and umbrellas will hasten to return home before the shower becomes heavier" (it was raining a little), "the remainder will wait till their respective servants arrive to fetch them.
Only I think it must have been raining a little just then, for I found a drop or two on my cheeks.
On we toiled, the perspiration starting from our bodies in floods, our limbs torn and lacerated with the splintered fragments of the broken canes, until we had proceeded perhaps as far as the middle of the brake, when suddenly it ceased raining, and the atmosphere around us became close and sultry beyond expression.
It has been raining for nearly four hours," she said at last.
Well, that floored me, and I let her go; and finally one day she said it was raining too hard to go out on foot, and she wanted me to lend her my carriage.
Catherine went every five minutes to the clock, threatening on each return that, if it still kept on raining another five minutes, she would give up the matter as hopeless.
Next instant a smooth black cane was raining blow after blow on the man's head.
Next day it was raining, and he asked for the book again.
he cried; "there is not a single cloud in the sky, the stars are quite clear and bright, and yet it is raining.
Below, the armies grew and the people perished; above, the airships and aeroplanes fought and fled, raining destruction.
I believe it is raining, Miss Grey,' added he, more quietly, observing that I had put aside my work, and was preparing to depart.
This day also it continued raining, though with no wind at all.