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a forest with heavy annual rainfall

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The Royal aide for The Prince's Rainforest Project told how the Ysgol Pen y Bryn pupils from Upper Colwyn Bay had won first place in its 'Rainforest SOS' competition by collecting 474 signatures for a petition.
To stay informed and be part of the solution, stay tuned to the websites of Rainforest Action Network, Rainforest Alliance, the Rainforest Site and, of course, Mongabay.
The game supplements the Rainforest Alliance's free online (K-8) environmental curriculum that teaches students about being good global citizens while meeting national standards in science, math, language arts and social studies.
Emergent Layer: The top layer of a rainforest contains very tall trees, many reaching over 45 metres in height
John Woodman, director and co-founder of Rainforest Ventures, said yesterday the plan was to establish the 100,000sq ft rainforest close to the so-called Valleywood Studios being developed at Llanharan near Bridgend.
Rainforest Ventures said the attraction would offer the "exhilaration of a rainforest experience", while giving visitors the chance to learn about the world's climate and eco systems.
Big business always looks at the bottom line, but this goes beyond the bottom line" says Cheryl Roth, co-founder of Organic Works Marketing, a New York public relations firm that represents Bossa Nov& "They are pushing the envelope in a lot of different directions to save the rainforest.
They chose a wide variety of environments, including rainforests, tundra, grasslands, and deserts.
Inca Health is an agro-industrial company based in Lima, Peru, that manufactures natural botanical extracts cultivated from the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and Andes Mountains by its corporate scientists, local staff and indigenous tribes.
However, most of this research has been on tropical or 'wet' rainforest types.
We were looking for a place to donate some household stuff when we discovered Kids Saving the Rainforest.
Most live in a remote area of Canada called the Great Bear Rainforest (see Coastal Home, below).
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