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a forest with heavy annual rainfall

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I sometimes go on sanctuary tours and help visitors understand the trouble that the rainforest is in.
The Great Bear Rainforest is sometimes called the "Amazon of the North.
Bringing together stunning photographs by McAllister, an award-winning photographer and environmental leader, and captivating prose, the photographic non-fiction picture books in the My Great Bear Rainforest series explore the rainforest's majestic landscapes and the wildlife that inhabits them.
The new Rainforest Cruises website, offers a clean and modern, yet colourful design, easy-to-use functionality and content-rich site experience, accompanied with a new corporate identity.
In a statement, Damac managing director Ziar El Chaar said the rainforest is a "perfect fit" for the environmentally-friendly AKOYA Oxygen property.
The Dubai Rainforest will fit perfectly into the ethos of Akoya Oxygen - the greenest community in Dubai - and provide a new space for education and cultural events which will raise awareness of this exciting ecosystem.
Victoria's rainforests are particularly sensitive to such changes in the environment; key rainforest species such as Atherosperma moschatum Labill.
This system has been first introduced, tried and tested at one of the most endangered rainforest in Sumatra, Indonesia.
Medicines which help us come from rainforest plants.
Bundchen said that as a Rainforest Alliance board member, she looks forward to calling upon her experience not only as an international spokesperson but also as an entrepreneur and global citizen to support the Rainforest Alliance's on-the-ground efforts.
The science is interpreted through the lens of practical applications to ways of recalibrating forest management so that it can operate within rainforest limitations (Chapters 9, 10).
Model/actress/ environmentalist Lily Cole has launched an exclusive jewellery line in collaboration with Sky Rainforest Rescue - Sky and the World Wide Fund for Nature's partnership to save one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest.
They will also discover how trees protect the land, how the jungle affects weather and that the rainforest supplies us with valuable oxygen, food, medicinal ingredients and raw materials.
They offer the reader fourteen specific "Rainforest Axioms" to help explain how the Silicon Valley rainforest operates; for example: Axiom #5: "The vibrancy of a Rainforest correlates to the number of people in a network and their ability to connect with one another.
The Natural Products Expo West--the nation's largest trade show in natural, organic and healthy products--just concluded, and this year's exhibit features numerous product launches from companies committed to sourcing sustainably from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.