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Synonyms for rainfly

flap consisting of a piece of canvas that can be drawn back to provide entrance to a tent

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A rainfly comes with the pack, and a separate Bino Bivy attaches directly to the Bivy 30's shoulder straps.
To battle the extremes, it has a detachable rainfly that stores in the bottom.
The versatile rainfly also can stand alone as a canopy.
The top-quality no-see-um mesh roof provides a very special indoor-outdoor feeling, day or night, with a rainfly ready to be deployed for 100 percent water protection if the weather changes.
first-aid kit -- plenty of food and water (if not -- matches available at the campsite) -- hats -- extra clothes and blankets -- multipurpose knife/tool -- sturdy tent with full-coverage rainfly -- sunscreen -- warm sleeping bags -- insect repellant Keep kids entertained: -- Let the kids help make a plan -- Involve kids in the planning process and get them excited about the trip.