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The governor general of Ilam province, Mohammad-Reza Morvarid, said that some parts of his province recorded rainfall of 324 centimeters or 12.
Overall, in the last 24 hours in the Hudders-field, Meltham, Holm-firth area there has been 14-18mm rainfall, equivalent to one third of a month's rainfall.
Kerala's neighbouring Lakshadweep, however, has received normal rainfall so far this year.
On the other hand, rainfall is treated to be ' below normal' when it remains between 90 and 96 per cent of the LPA, whose probability is a mere 27 per cent.
Zhang and graduate student Tingyin Xiao conducted research that found out-of-phase relationships between temperature and rainfall within the last 100 years in the northern tropics that is contrary to how the atmospheric dynamical system is expected to work.
The study helps chip away at one of the big questions facing climate change science: To what degree will a warmer world accelerate the water cycle and patterns of rainfall and drought?
To refine and update the spatiotemporal variations, the aims of this study were to provide (i) rainfall erosivity values calculated using 6-min pluviograph data (Bureau of Meteorology 1989) from NSW; (if) site-specific parameter values for improved parameterisation for NSW for the standard 30-year climatology of 1961-90 as the reference period of climate normals (Bureau of Meteorology 2007); (Hi) time-series rainfall erosivity maps for NSW at monthly and annual interval at a high spatial resolution (100 m); and (iv) an impact analysis of rainfall on rainfall erosivity and hillslope erosion.
is the general circulation model used to produce the official season rainfall forecasts," researchers said.
The rainfall has minimized fire hazards that turn up during this time every year and it is also excellent for agriculture and the environment," Frem told the state-run National News Agency Thursday.
In addition, the rainfall data can guide farmers' decisions regarding the day's planned activities and whether those activities are feasible or not based on field conditions.
However, the Indian Meteorological Department in Odisha has said that rainfall in the state will reduce in next two to three days, giving people relief from incessant downpour.
The new study uses a climate model providing the first evidence that hourly summer rainfall rates could increase.
In winter it is the daily or multi-day rainfall totals that are important, because we tend to get steady, longlasting periods of rain from large scale weather systems - similar to those seen during the winter floods of 2013/14.
Weather conditions in the UAE will deteriorate over the next three days, with the weather bureau predicting rainfall, lightning and hail from Tuesday onwards.
Rainfall so far this month was only 36 per cent of the average for the period, according to statistics released by the Meteorological Services on Thursday.