rain forest

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a forest with heavy annual rainfall

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Constructed in 1963, the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center is located about 31 miles south of Forks off U.
This piece represents a unique opportunity for one philanthropist to support a major initiative to conserve the rain forest.
The Amazon rain forest covers about 40 percent of South America and stretches across eight countries.
The air in our homes is too dry, too dark and too hot for the best growth of rain forest plants.
What we're seeing here is the first modern rain forest that we have any record of," he added.
The line comes in three unique scents: Rain Forest, Regal Blossom, and Oasis Fruit.
What a great opportunity to capitalize on this newfound knowledge and excitement by extending the rain forest into the art room to create multimedia animal pictures.
An air force spokesman said the idea was to show to them how difficult it was for rescue workers to reach the plane, which plunged nose first into the rain forest and disintegrated.
Teacher Carol Palato and her third-graders created a Brazilian rain forest in their classroom.
Ariel could not keep her eyes from the man she was suppose to take into the rain forest.
Amazonian clay from Rain Forest Specialties, a division of Beraca Ingredients, Sao Paulo, Brazil, helps to eliminate toxins on the surface of the skin and contains mineral and nutrient salts that help combat free radicals.
Together with partner Cam Haddow, they are working on a sustainable forest product with tourism officials in Guyana to develop a world-class ecotourism development in the Iwokrama Rain Forest, a 370,000-hectare protected area.
Sakowicz lives in California, where she takes her frogs to schools to teach kids about wildlife and the environment--especially the rain forest.
Three Peruvians, who rely on the natural wealth of the rain forest for their livelihood, became our teachers.