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The opening lines for example, carry the reader into the story on a rhythm: "Ashes rain down from the sky, or fall in a steady blizzard, rather, drifting slowly down, some tiny, some the size of oak leaves, individuated as snowflakes.
The Olympic Stadium will be turned into a meadow complete with real animals, grass and clouds that will rain down for the opening ceremony.
Before he can test his contraption properly and iron out all of the bugs, it launches into the atmosphere - and giant pancakes, pasta and steaks rain down on the tiny fishing port, which Flint calls home.
Mayor Shelbourne (Campbell) and the other residents put in orders for food they want to rain down from the sky, and Flint's contraption gradually overheats, stranding the plucky inventor, Sam, town cop Earl Devereaux (Mr T) and his young son Cal (Morgan) in the path of a giant spaghetti twister.
Before he can test it properly and iron out all of the bugs, it launches into the atmosphere - and giant pancakes and pasta rain down.
Israel rockets rain down continuously between 10pm and 5am, say the exhausted Palestinians.
In ``The Game,'' being the significant other of a pro-football star is at least as grueling and punishing a job as being a gifted athlete upon whom affections rain down.
If bodies rain down from the sky in Manhattan, it's our fault.
Because it's so cold there, the clouds of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere could condense (change from gas to liquid) and rain down.
Pity that calls for personal responsibility rain down on the tail-end of bad policy, never on the people who actually wield the power.
BRITISH troops have uncovered the biggest arms find of the war - including weapons that can be converted to rain down deadly chemical attack.
Then missiles, grenades, and gunfire rain down until every soldier in the column is dead.
Therese "the Little Flower," as she is also known, is famous for her promise that she would rain down rose petals from heaven on those who appeal to her for help.
In Bali I was often stirred by unfamiliar sounds: the tiny squeak of a cicak lizard stalking prey on the bedroom walls, the lament of distant roosters, water rushing in irrigation pipes, insects whirring, frogs burping, pigeons (feet ornamented with tiny brass bells) shaking metallic rain down from the sky.
Hours after NATO bombs began to rain down on Serbia in April, a news anchor appeared on a Belgrade TV station to describe for viewers the menace facing the Yugoslav province.