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In Ahmadabad, Gujarat, people and their families gathered at clubs, which had organized events such as a rain dance and festive merry making.
This study also shows that Kenyans continue to use rain dance traditions as a drought management strategy in the absence of modern governmental solutions because the dance offers community agency, unity, and power during precarious periods.
The Epilogue at the end of the Instructor's Notes can be used as a follow up for discussion and to update students on the current status of Rain Dance.
A giant ice-themed water park, that will showcase a number of landmark attractions including the world's largest manmade water fall and the largest rain dance pool in the world, has opened in Ras Al Khaimah.
Summary: A rain dance from Novak Djokovic had the desired effect as his US Open final with Rafael Nadal was delayed until Monday.
Festival highlights were a rain dance on stage with local band Anweledig and a water fight.
There will be no rain dance, no party and, above all, no nazar in any way.
Hosillos, who is SN Aboitiz Power vice-president for corporate services, said the company is willing to try anything to get water levels to increase, including performing rituals such as the traditional rain dance.
BOLLYWOOD'S hit onscreen couple Katrina Kaif and Akshay Khiladi Kumar got wet for a rain dance number in the slapstick comedy De Dana Dan .
Among her topics are the poachers' village, the chimpanzee nest, rain dance, African wives, soldier decision, outside the ring of fire, the fruit trees, undergraduate thesis, and return to Africa.
BRITAIN'S Got Talent winner George Sampson will be performing his winning Singin' In The Rain dance routing next month when the Britain's Got Talent Live 2009 comes to the NIA in Birmingham on June 12.
Lewis Hamilton admits he is tempted to perform a rain dance ahead of today's qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix as he looks to gain any edge he can over Felipe Massa in the battle for the World Championship.
As they went through this difficult transitional period, Payepot made a determined effort to keep his people's central ceremony, the Rain Dance, or Thirst Dance alive as a cultural and spiritual focus in the face of rapid change and strong opposition from government administrators of federal Indian policy and from local clerics.
Mind you, just 10 minutes earlier, the one wearing a traditional feathered head-dress was performing a rain dance to The Birdie Song.
David park heads the home assault at the Wales Open - but as the Celtic Manor basks in unfamiliar sunshine, the leading Welshman was doing a rain dance last night.