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terminal where trains load or unload passengers or goods

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The main public transportation hubs are the B & D trains along Tremont Avenue, the Tremont Metro-North railroad station and the BxM4 bus.
The explosion struck the main railroad station in Volgograd, a city about 885 km south of Moscow at 12.
After their conclusion, the Sofia railroad station will turn into a modern and energy efficient hub with new window and door frames, new fire rescue system, new electric installation, improved communications, offering much more services, comfortable waiting areas, and handicap access to all levels.
FITCHBURG - A groundbreaking ceremony was held yesterday for a rail project expected to create jobs and reduce the commuting time from Fitchburg's railroad station to Boston to less than one hour.
The City Council is expected to take the first concrete steps tonight toward transforming the historic old Customs House into a combination passenger railroad station, bus station and trail head for bike riders and hikers, as well as a tourist attraction of its own and a museum commemorating the slave escape route called the Underground Railroad.
A planned railroad station on the island will be able to load and unload up to 600 cars per day, or 13 million tons of cargo a year.
The old city (the historic core of Valparaiso) is south and southwest of the Baron railroad station (Feature 17).
Commuters, on the other hand, were serviced as in any normal European railroad station.
Some of the better-known comedy routines and lines he wrote for Benny included ``Si Si Cy,'' the bakery shop ``cimeron'' rolls, and the railroad station master calling, ``Train leaving on track five for Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga.
Steptoe is also adept at employing regional dialect and vernacular when he engages in persona poems, such as "A Great Grandad Speaks" and "Some Kinda Railroad Station.
We were on our way to the railroad station and then home, some 20 miles away.
TWELVE people were crushed to death when a train ran over them at a railroad station in central India yesterday.
It will also include a superhighway and a railroad station.
He follows his father into menial work for a studio photographer whose shop is located near a Berlin railroad station.
In a slight variation on the "If you build it, they will come" motif, Blow established a railroad station there and named the place White House.
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