railroad siding

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a short stretch of railroad track used to store rolling stock or enable trains on the same line to pass

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First, the rear of the Hagenbeck-Wallace train had not completely cleared the track when it switched over to the railroad siding where it was waiting.
The portions of the project chosen for trenchless rehabilitation are within the active area of the plant, under roads, buildings and railroad sidings.
It arrives by train on the company's own railroad siding.
Against a slash of livid horizon under an otherwise overcast sky, stanchion lights gleam wanly along a railroad siding lined with empty timber cars.
Eventually the hotel will be served by a railroad siding, allowing tourists to step directly from their railroad cars to the hotel lobby.
The distribution facility has its own railroad siding as well as unloading facilities for the containers and trailers loaded with import brands that are usually trucked in by common and contract motor carriers.
The distribution complex features 24-foot clear ceiling heights, 40- by 40-foot column spacing, 57 truck loading doors, 15 railroad siding doors, 500-pound total floor loads and ample parking for cars, trucks and trailers.
When filled with the deliveries from the small pick-up Rovers, the containers or compaction trucks or trailers are hauled individually or in tandem, depending upon the type of containment, to the disposal site, process facility, or railroad siding where they are hoisted or rolled onto the flatbed cars.
Access to the facility's six buildings is through two main gates and one railroad siding.
The new owner also plans to reactivate the property's railroad siding.
Larsen said Lincoln Street should be closed, partly because long-range improvements for the nearby Amtrak station include a new track switch and railroad siding that eventually would require the closing of the street.
Under the banner of M'Anishnabek Industries, Serpent River and Mansour quickly built a 1,000-foot long railroad siding in an amazing six weeks, extending from the Huron Central line into a once-abandoned quarry where rail cars are loaded with crushed rock to be used as track bedding for the short-line railroad.
Hovnanian built 180 townhomes and 40 age-restricted homes now stand where a former factory and railroad siding had stood.
ART PREVIEW Artrain USA comes to town What: An art gallery on a train, now showing "Native Views: Influences of Modern Culture" Where: Railroad siding at 410 Garfield St.
Martin Marietta plans to install a railroad siding linking the new acquisition to the Company's vast rail distribution network in the greater Houston area.
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