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Cooke was no railroad man, but received the Northern Pacific Railroad as a payoff for his efforts in helping to finance the Union during the war.
12, 1937, to a railroad man and a schoolteacher in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
The tour will visit several Blues historical sites in Mississippi, before blues great and former railroad man Bobby Rush boards the train in Memphis on May 7.
The 100-year old-park on Electric Avenue was donated to the city by Henry Coggshall, noted railroad man and official of the Fitchburg Gas Co.
His father was a railroad man and from an early age he was fascinated with the hobos who bummed rides on the freight-trains across America.
He resurfaced with stormers such as Railroad Man, Last Stop: This Town and I Like Birds.
His mother was a schoolteacher, his father a railroad man, operating a buffet car running on the Michigan Central.
I loved the B&0 as a child, although my father was not a railroad man and I did not live in Baltimore.
On the first day, we went to Pueblo and met with a railroad man who was a Democratic Party leader in the area.
As The Corrections painstakingly unpacks the lives of Alfred and Enid Lambert and their grown children, Franzen introduces an elemental conflict between the authoritarian railroad man, buckling under Parkinson's-induced dementia, and his wife's sentimental "prairie optimism.
The railroad man assumed that I'd gone for a pistol, and when Will Garland released him, he broke and ran to the station and hid.
Milla Jovovich dances with railroad man Wes Bentley in ``The Claim.
He'll wear an astronaut's suit as well as that of a railroad man, a sailor and a thousand others, before managing to put on his red fireman's hat.
A railroad man named Ed Gregory built the 65-foot tower in the early 1920s because he liked watching trains.
Fulfilling a boyhood dream to become a railroad man, he joined the Northern Pacific in 1900, shortly after receiving a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.