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line that is the commercial organization responsible for operating a system of transportation for trains that pull passengers or freight

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The Columbia Basin Railroad Line goes through the heart of the Columbia Basin in eastern Washington and serves Moses Lake, Wheeler, Schrag, Warden, Bruce, Othello and Connell in Grant, Adams and Franklin Counties.
The railroad line stretches across much of NCN's original territory, as well as a handful of other First Nation territories.
Cisco described as "the one, and the only grand railroad line connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts.
That eliminates one of the three main claims Leishman has brought against Pan Am Railways, which owns the railroad line over which his train was traveling.
The two countries have also agreed to hold talks with third countries to improve the railroad line from Europe to China which also passes through Turkey and Iran.
4bn contract to build a 310-mile railroad line in Libya.
Dozens of archival photographs enhance this historical account of the Milwaukee Road railroad line and its pioneering set of streamlined steam locomotives that were capable of sustaining speeds of 100 miles per hour over long distances.
3 (VOI) -- The rail traffic heading from the Iraqi capital to the south of the country stopped on Wednesday after an improvised explosive device (IED) was found on the railroad line in northern Babel province, a police source said.
The railroad line to the factory runs through a tunnel in the mountains.
There, in a prison that borders a railroad line, Katerina watches the grim procession of cattle cars heading to the concentration camps while the prisoners cheer.
The state agencies say they would balance environmental concerns by shutting some trails deeper in the backcountry while establishing connector routes at the periphery of forests and near corridors like highways and railroad line.
Founded as Terminus in 1837, the town served as the end of the Georgia railroad line (Western and Atlantic Railroad) and later became incorporated as Marthasville in 1843 in honor of ex-governor Lumpkin's daughter Martha.
This network is derived from the map on Yackel's torus by marking one point inside each country and then connecting each pair of points by a path, like a railroad line, that crosses the boundary between their respective countries.
The site is located between Ogden and Beaver in the central part of the state and adjacent to a railroad line.
The railway operator posted the favorable results thanks to an increase in passenger numbers caused in part by the construction of condominiums along its railroad line.