railroad flat

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an apartment whose rooms are all in a line with doors between them

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The temporary bridge is being built by laying three railroad flat cars across a decades-old one-lane bridge.
A crane operator picked up the containers from the Maersk Alaska and lowered them down to waiting railroad flat cars.
Passengers arriving by ship put their vehicles on a railroad flat car, not unlike the shuttle today between Whittier and the connecting road to Anchorage.
Three attractive twentysomethings share a Manhattan railroad flat.
The gateway to the village of Whittier is vintage Alaska - an ancient string of railroad flat cars haul autos, trucks and busses through two, long, lightless tunnels and by the massive Portage Glacier from Alaska's Seward Highway to the village that straggles along a bay off Prince William Sound.
The solution was to mount a drill rig on a railroad flat car.
The most exciting development is the growth of "intermodal" freight services, which carry truck trailers on railroad flat cars.
That same summer at the nearby community of Railroad Flat, an arson-caused fire crackled through 10,000 acres in eight days, and a 100-engine strike team converged to protect foothill homes-at horrendous cost.
Singer, who bought her lucky ticket at Railroad Flat General in Rail Road Flat, commented, "I'm going to use my prize money to pay bills and open up a soup kitchen.
AAR reiterated that it's much more cost effective to move rail intermodal shipments in containers than in trailers, largely because containers can be double-stacked and are easier to load onto and take off a railroad flat car than trailers.
Shumway of Railroad Flat, CA; three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren; a brother, Robert Chapdelaine of Oswego, NY; as well as several nieces and nephews.