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the operator of a railway locomotive

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30 (1900) Railroad engineer Casey Jones died in a train wreck near Vaughan in Yazoo County.
On the other side of the room, a railroad engineer training simulator provided attendees with hands-on experience operating a modern railroad locomotive.
40 Cheltenham John Luther 'Casey' Jones (1863-1900) was an American railroad engineer who on April 30, 1900, was killed when his passenger train collided with a stalled freight train at Vaughan, Mississippi.
Monkey and the Engineer is a children's picturebook adaptation of a song written by African-American railroad worker and musician Jesse "Lone Cat" Fuller (1896-1976), about a railroad engineer and his remarkably astute pet monkey--a simian quite capable of running the train all by itself
Plaintiff sued Conrail, the railroad engineer operating the train, the Skowrons, and the Gardners to recover for his injuries.
After finishing her parole in 2000, Dyer left California and ended up in Wisconsin, where she worked as a railroad engineer, officials said.
He acted again for Lang as a railroad engineer in the 1954 "Human Desire," based on Emile Zola's "La Bete humaine," and in 1955 he was the idealistic schoolteacher coping with student toughs in "The Blackboard Jungle," which also starred Sidney Poitier.
I wanted to be a railroad engineer or to run a steam more interest in working as a logger.
Even as a boy, he moved with his family when his father was assigned to various tasks as a railroad engineer for the U.
Harrison Albright, a railroad engineer, was ultimately up to the challenge, designing intricate steel structures resembling bridge trusses.
A Burlington Northern Railroad engineer purchased ready-to-eat chili from a self-serve food display at a chain grocery store in Onalaska, Wisconsin.
Born and raised on an Illinois farm, Lovelock opted for a career as a railroad engineer.
Cornelius Vander Starr, the California-born, 27-year-old son of a railroad engineer starts American Asiatic Underwriters Federal Inc.
He creates a voice for each character that perfectly fits his or her personality, including a retired priest, a young couple eloping, a high-powered Hollywood director, a mother figure riding herd over the young members of a boys' choir, and a former railroad engineer who helps save the day and the train when an avalanche hits.
When John I Blair, the chief railroad engineer who laid out so many other towns in our county, came to Ross seeking concessions in return for putting the railroad through Rosstown, he was turned down.