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One particular railroad car in the area had remained unused and rusting for years, creating an eyesore for more than a decade, prompting complaints from local businesses and the city council.
A concept vehicle that functions as a combination truck and railroad car could ease the world's traffic woes.
Figure 4 compares an acceptable railroad car wheel flange (left) and a worn flange (right).
Walker--America's first self-made woman millionaire--to lease a private railroad car and purchase her own automobile.
ARI's Paragould plant will make a new 70-foot long railroad car, Inman said.
Now, I should point out that it costs $3,000 a day to lease a single private railroad car, plus an extra $15,000 a day per locomotive.
A study of Alaska Railroad safety and operations has recommended stronger safety planning and training procedures, and clearer policies and internal communications, following a series of railroad car derailments and fuel spills last winter.
So we're spending $355 million to improve the ride quality of our railroad cars, so that your vehicle will come off that railroad car in the same shape it was put on in the first place.
The painting by State College artist George Lavanish shows the railroad car "Susquehanna," which operated as the stocking truck for Pennsylvania from 1892 to 1914.
Loumiet's dissection of locomotives and railroad cars exposes readers to the inner workings of braking systems, lighting requirements, and railroad car stenciling practices.
A GST-registered Canadian railway company, Company A, comes into possession of Company B's railroad car in the ordinary course of A's business.
They'll try to hook that sleek F-16 on your desktop to a railroad car, and it just won't fly.
Nearly two dozen Eugene firefighters hustled to the Union Pacific rail yard off Bethel Drive late Tuesday after a railroad official reported that hydrochloric acid was leaking from a railroad car.
The students embarked on the project almost three years ago, and are now almost halfway there: They are attempting to collect six million paper clips which they hope to put on display in an authentic German railroad car used to transport the prisoners to the death camps.
The 500-employee steel foundry was experiencing 1524 incidents per month of misrun defects on cast-in numbering and lettering on a 1300 lb railroad car bolster casting.