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Synonyms for raillery

good-natured teasing

Synonyms for raillery

light teasing repartee

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This raillery," cries Sophia, "is a little cruel, Lady Bellaston, after my promise to your ladyship.
Not at all, child," said the lady; "It would have been cruel before; but after you have promised me never to marry without your father's consent, in which you know is implied your giving up Jones, sure you can bear a little raillery on a passion which was pardonable enough in a young girl in the country, and of which you tell me you have so entirely got the better.
They are clever and know all that hath happened: so there is no end to their raillery.
The pound Scots being the same thing as an English shilling, the difference made by this second thought was considerable; I could see, besides, that the whole story was a lie, invented with some end which it puzzled me to guess; and I made no attempt to conceal the tone of raillery in which I answered --
Darya Alexandrovna saw that Anna disliked the tone of raillery that existed between her and Veslovsky, but fell in with it against her will.
She did not like the light tone of raillery that was kept up all the time between Vassenka Veslovsky and Anna, and the unnaturalness altogether of grown-up people, all alone without children, playing at a child's game.
When Jasper is restored, he lays a tender hand upon his nephew's shoulder, and, in a tone of voice less troubled than the purport of his words--indeed with something of raillery or banter in it--thus addresses him:
The accidents of conversation; the simple habits which regulated even such a little thing as the position of our places at table; the play of Miss Halcombe's ever-ready raillery, always directed against my anxiety as teacher, while it sparkled over her enthusiasm as pupil; the harmless expression of poor Mrs.
And throwing Mr Flintwinch away, as a closing piece of raillery, he sat down again.
cried Fascination, in his light raillery, 'what dodgery are you up to next, sitting there with your eyes shut?
The first objects of the carnivalesque raillery in the play are political issues.
In light raillery and banter with guests and correspondents, women were often "beasts in skirts", or "brats" and "sluts": sometimes he was teasing, sometimes not.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Aliases 9 Avian 10 Intro 11 Islamic 12 Oar 13 Bakewell 16 Raillery 17 Bid 19 America 21 Churn 22 Train 23 Kittens DOWN: 1 Janitor 2 Listeria 3 Oslo 4 Galloway 5 Firm 6 Knock 8 Stickleback 13 Billions 14 Laboured 15 Oddness 18 Cacti 20 Eras 21 Cats QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Deaf as a post 8 Lid 9 Ore 11 Aviator 12 Spoil 13 Pat 14 Too 15 Deleted 17 Lip 19 Ache 21 Rest 23 Menu 25 Poor 27 Due 29 Alarmed 31 Led 34 Meg 36 Lying 37 Oatmeal 38 Yes 39 Ace 40 Scotch broth DOWN: 1 Diva 2 Edit 3 Fitness 4 Server 5 Paste 6 Soot 7 Trio 8 Lapel 10 Elope 16 Dan 18 Pro 20 Cud 22 Era 24 Elector 25 Polly 26 Brooch 28 Eagle 30 Light 32 Eyes 33 Disc 34 Meat 35 Each
The contrast here is between irony and raillery or cavillatio.
Among his intimate friends and acquaintances he is said to unbend somewhat and give play to a quiet humour and gentle raillery, but as students we seldom saw other than the sterner side of his character.