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Today the world's biggest OEMs and resellers look to Promise for ongoing innovations in SATA RAID design as the company continues to lead with the most powerful and economical alternatives to traditional RAID controllers and systems.
It takes a minimum of three identical drives to obtain RAID level-5 fault tolerance.
A description of RAID 6 that may soon enjoy wide acceptance was launched in 1997 based on Reed-Solomon coding.
Rackable Systems, a leading provider of servers and storage for large-scale data centers, leverages AMCC's advanced RAID technology to deliver high performance and reliability in its storage systems.
Originally used in high-end, mainframe and proprietary environments, RAID is now offered by every disk storage supplier and is a staple in many corporate networks.
Our experience with ATTO products makes the new ExpressSAS RAID adapter a very encouraging development.
The shift from parallel technology to the emergence of new serial based architectures as new I/O standards for direct attached storage changes the traditional cost/benefit equation, and the addition of powerful, yet cost-effective RAID capabilities alters the landscape for low-cost server storage.
The simultaneous parity calculation and improved RAID architecture is what sets the controller apart and is what drives its record-setting performance," said Scott Cleland, director of marketing for AMCC.
A microprocessor would have been interrupted numerous times and had to switch contexts in order to complete this transaction, whereas the RAID Storage Processor would redirect the algorithms into hardware, thereby minimizing the impact on normal operations.
Aristos Logic's design wins with multiple top tier storage OEMs and ODMs signals an important and inevitable storage industry shift towards partnering with third parties for standardized RAID functionality," said Steve Foster of TPG Ventures, speaking on behalf of the existing investor group.
RAID systems have become pervasive for data storage.
The monolithic RAID is the product of a simple progression: small to big.
The RAID 6 performance demonstration will feature AMCC's upcoming SATA II RAID controller technology based on its eighth-generation StorSwitch(TM) switch fabric architecture, designed to significantly improve performance, availability and scalability by offloading data I/O from the host.
From the largest data center down to the small office/home office-computing environment, RAID is becoming ubiquitous.