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an unskilled person who picks up rags from trash cans and public dumps as a means of livelihood

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While Panhwar said that the IED exploded probably as a result of the ragpicker trying to open or pick it, the BDS officials have said that it was an electronic device.
The inclusion criteria were: a) both the adolescents and at least one parent were able to read or comprehend Brazilian-Portuguese; b) at least one parent worked as a ragpicker in the metropolitan area surrounding Curitiba, a southern city in Brazil; c) the adolescent's legal guardian agreed to the adolescent's participation by signing an informed consent; and d) no more than two siblings per family could participate in the study.
Bogaerts tells stories about these characters, such as ragpickers, lampshade vendors, market workers and prostitutes to provide a historically accurate portrait of the city.
The old ragpicker who lives under the bridge tells Suttree that he has "seen strange things" in his time: "I've seen all I want to see and I know all I want to know.
Women were at the eye of this maelstrom of dust and destruction--not only that chic stereotype, the Parisienne, but also the ragpicker, the artist's model, and the prostitute.
Though he grows tired of the city and its people, he is linked to them as is the flaneur, walking amongst them like the ragpicker, collecting stories and conducting inspections through which he legitimizes his idle existence.
El trapero (chiffonier, en frances; Lumpensammler, en aleman; ragpicker, en ingles) es una importante figura de la literatura, del periodismo y las artes plasticas populares occidentales, sobre todo decimononicas.
I wasn't always a ragpicker, scavenging for bits and pieces of theory that I could parlay into some publications somewhere.
Epstein, as the worldly wise Ragpicker, and Shelton, as Mme.
Devastated, he calls in the scrap metal people and begins to go back to his familiar ways as "Junk," "Rags," "Bottles," the neighborhood filthy ragpicker.
We never observed any ragpicker or other workers rummaging through medical waste using either gloves or the more common stick.
Among Giraudoux's other important works are La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu (1935; Tiger at the Gates ) and La Folle de Chaillot (1946; The Madwoman of Chaillot), in which a tribunal of elderly, eccentric Parisian ladies, assisted by a ragpicker, wipe out a world of speculators.
I have been working as a ragpicker since the age of 14 and ever since I came in touch with Chintan, I have been collecting waste from 90-odd houses at Pandara Road, a VIP area in central Delhi.