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Synonyms for raggedly

in a ragged uneven manner


in a ragged irregular manner


with a ragged and uneven appearance


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I found there the shell of the man I knew, breathing raggedly, unable to communicate, paralysed down one side.
Judeo-Christian sensibilities had the wealthy in opulent all-over gear and the poor raggedly naked, he said.
The dog breathed heavily, raggedly and with noticeable effort.
Raggedly dressed and only dimly visible, thanks to Khalil Khaled's sparse lighting design, she delivers a chilling performance as a woman tormented by "some shudder of the mind.
Reform began raggedly, but the disintegration of the Soviet bloc left Hanoi with no option but to push forward.
They will squawk to be fed and their parents will fly raggedly, tearing worms from the ground and shuttling back and forth to feed ravenous mouths.
The stray cats of the diocese tend to wind up in these pews: Catholics with one foot out the door, or one toe tentatively back in; people in marital situations or relationships that church law deems raggedly irregular; folks tired of fighting about the right way to do liturgy or the wrong way to dress for Mass; people written off as too poor to matter.
After an uncomfortable pause they raggedly belted out: "Please, please tell me now, is there something I should know, Mary?
She offers to take one of her dates out for dinner, then raggedly sprints through the East Village looking for an ATM and returns a long while later, bleeding from her arm.
No small thanks to their ranks being raggedly put together, their own bets being as ideologically disparate or even as opposed as you can get.
Another unusual feature of the Danilia radula is the buttressed outer shaft base of the inner marginals and its raggedly dentate edge (Fig.
Indeed, much of this part of the sky is raggedly fogged by patches of the vast Gamma Cygni Nebula (IC 1318), a complex of bright and dark nebulae that mantles nearly 4[degrees] of sky.
On the other hand, wider bands of green that morph raggedly into wide swaths of yellow are usually the rain that's rough on your prop tips, but won't make you ill.
The great surprise of my trip to Gros Morne was visiting the Broom Point Fishing Exhibit that juts raggedly into the Gulf of St.
Across the street, contained by the police, a group of protesters, raggedly dressed but also clearly middle-class, wave signs and shout insults at the Palin supporters.