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It is about keeping theses rivers distinctive rather than being an outdoor aquarium with a ragbag of species," he said.
Although she's determined to mark herself as Girls Aloud's wild card and nuttiest member, Nicola's solo debut is a pretty conventional ragbag of likes, gripes, strange singing, wonky pop and bizarre rapping.
It is a ragbag of sessions which allows a view into the recording process.
Some hope, it simply means a change of name to The Sunday World or the Weekend Ragbag.
In one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history in 1950, England, taking part in the World Cup for the first time, lost 1-0 to a ragbag American team in Brazil.
Former minister Malcolm Wicks said: "Any prospect of Labour staying in power with support from the Liberals in a ragbag coalition depending on assorted nationalists is ridiculous.
The message women still get is a ragbag of very different messages from different epochs of history, such as they have to be fantastic mothers and wives and have to be professionals.
I would rather stand alongside our Queen and first-class army than a tin-pot dictator and a ragbag army any day.
Amidst this ragbag of conflicting patterns and purposes, twitching mouths and eyes turn the whole pop mess into a single terrifying costume which, while still managing to conceal itself, actively reverberates with the intense presence of all its obliterated traces.
Let's hope the next Chancellor rolls up his (or her) sleeves and gets to work on breathing some strategic common sense into the ragbag of outdated assumptions, laced with exceptions, that currently make up our VAT regulations.
In his 1962 book ``Capitalism and Freedom,'' he wrote, ``We should replace the ragbag of specific welfare programs with a single comprehensive program of income supplements in cash -- a negative income tax.
What buyers don't want is a whole ragbag of different businesses, loosely knitted together under the same ownership, having been randomly added on to the owner's original idea "because we had capacity.
Given the day by day organization of material, this book may seem a ragbag of facts whose parts are greater than the whole.
No matter how earnestly we may try to channel Neshat's visionary art into a better understanding of the plight of oppressed women and our own relationship to their predicament, what we're left with is a ragbag of cinematic tricks and cliches that overwhelm both Zarin's struggle and the cultural milieu it represents.
In terms of content and design it is a real ragbag.